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A project in which we tried to create privacy for each apartment and at the same time take into account the directions of the sun and wind, as well as an aesthetic design and the use of wood materials for finishes.
Project name
Residential Tower
Architecture firm
Visuality Studio
Istanbul, Turkey
110 meters
The Parsi-based archibiotect Vincent Callebaut Architectures has revealed the the progress of his residential sustainable tower "Tao Zhu Yin Yuan" under construction in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently, gardens planting, waterfalls construction and interior decoration of public facilities space are undergoing. It is hoped that this unique project will be...
Project name
Tao Zhu Yin Yuan
Architecture firm
Vincent Callebaut Architectures
Taipei, Taiwan, Xinyi district, Song Gao Road & Song Yong Road
Tools used
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom