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Zein Engineering: The project is based on a matrix in which the iteration of apartments acquires the same essential ingredients that embrace privacy and create a superior protected living experience (Protection from the intense hot climate of the district); hence, each unit acts as an organic cell that can change its morphology according to the ten...
Project name
Ranco Luxury Apartments
Architecture firm
Zein Engineering
Riyadh, KSA
Zein Engineering
Since the advent of oil modernization in 1950, Kuwait city tackled an urban transformation and development that had impact on the urban society, social relations and public behavior, including the demolition of one of the oldest government hospitals “Al-Amiri Hospital” in the late 1970’s to become t...
The Lebanon-based architecture firm Zein Engineering has recently designed House in the woods a mountain house that located in Batroun, a coastal city in northern Lebanon and one of the oldest cities in the world. Project description by the architects: The house is a sole meditating body situa...