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The Iranian Architect Milad Eshtiyaghi has designed a sustainable bridge for the city of Shiraz in south-central Iran.
Project name
Life Bridge
Architecture firm
M.E Architecture Studio
Shiraz, Iran
250 meters
The Tehran based architectural design studio Farho  has designed "El Goli " pedestrian bridge that located in Tabriz, Iran. image © Farho image © Farho image © Farho Architect: Farshid Hosseini Location: Tabriz, Iran Status: Competetion  Project year: 2018 Area: 70000m²...
The Iran based architect Mohammad Khansary has designed "El-Golu Garden bridge" that located in Tabriz, Iran. Project description by the architects: To establish a creative relationship and connection between Historical El-Golu park and El-baghi park,  El-Golu Garden bridge has created a hu...