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Noor villa designed by Reza Hedayatpoor

The Mazandaran-based architect Reza Hedayatpoor has designed "Noor villa" in the city of Mazandaran, Iran.

Architect's statement: In this building we have put simplicity and purity at the core of our structure. The overall shape, by removing any additions and decorations by combining concrete, wood and stone in the purest form, has shaped the identity and spirit of the project.

The use of all-round windows and all glass window has helped to give more and more communication inside and outside. And finally, the harmony and visual harmony of each building component while respecting its surrounding has emphasized the greater integration of nature and architecture.

Noor villa designed by Reza Hedayatpoor in Iran image © Amirabbas Habibi

The entrance view of the villa from yardimage © Amirabbas Habibi

The deck beside the pool and the living room viewimage © Amirabbas Habibi

green plants inside the concrete wallimage © Amirabbas Habibi

landscape design of the villaimage © Amirabbas Habibi

Noor villa designed by Reza Hedayatpoorimage © Amirabbas Habibi


Architect: Reza Hedayatpoor

Location: Mazandaran, Iran

Client: Mahdavi 

Visualization: Amirabbas Habibi

Tools used: Autodesk 3ds Max, Vray

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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