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Villa Emerald, a jewel on Lake Garda, Italy by Gruppo Building / Boffa Petrone & Partners

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Gruppo Building / Boffa Petrone & Partners
Lake Garda, Italy
Piero Ottaviano
Principal architect:
Boffa Petrone & Partners
Design team:
Boffa Petrone & Partners, Studio Fezzardi
Built area:
600 m²
Site area:
1200 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Kristina Pulaeva, Elio Sereno Home
Interior design:
Kristina Pulaeva, Elio Sereno Home
Gruppo Building / Boffa Petrone & Partners
Structural engineer:
Studio Fezzardi - arch. Lorenzo Fezzardi + Ing Giacomo Maiano
Civil engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Building s.p.a.
Ambiente Luce, Helitec
Gruppo Building
Elio Sereno Home
Tools used:
AutoCAD, Blender, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop
Laminam, Alma Parquet, Rimadesio, Valcucine
Residential › House

Building Group: Nestled in the morainic hills overlooking Lake Garda stands Villa Emerald, a true gem of architecture and design whose name evokes the colour of the waters in which it is reflected, in harmony with the surrounding landscape and nature.

The Emerald private residence is characterised by the careful choice of colours and premium materials for the finishes, and by the close attention paid to the furnishings, embellished with artistic elements in a majestic combination of art and architecture that makes the structure extraordinary and unique.

Emerald is a project that blends harmoniously into the local morphology and takes full advantage of the sweeping hills that frame it. In its setting, the villa leaves the sinuous shape of the hills visible, creating continuity with the landscape; the villa occupies a decentralised position on its trapezoidal plot, arranged so as to create a larger usable outdoor space, with a generous area for the swimming pool and the solarium.

The house is arranged with a particular "boomerang" shape that favours the front view of the lake and a fully glazed interior area that runs through the entire living space and the master bedroom. With an eye to privacy both from and for the adjacent properties, the exterior façade of the property is completely blind, except for the entrance door, which is accessed via a pedestrian walkway from the street.

Respecting the layout and character of the terracing, the property is spread over three floors, with the ground floor housing the pool area, the garden, and the living area. At the lowest altitude, there is the driveway, the manoeuvring space, and the underground garages, while on a third level there is a flat terrace built into the roof that allows you to clearly admire the Sirmione peninsula and the Veronese shores from the Brescia side of Lake Garda.

The building and the facilities were constructed with the latest technologies and with the aim of optimising energy efficiency in line with the CasaClima certification criteria, paying particular attention to thermal and acoustic insulation.

“This project came into being with the aim of creating a dialogue between architecture and nature, enhancing the enchanting landscape of Lake Garda” – said Piero Boffa, founder of the Boffa Petrone & Partners studio and Chairman of the Building Group. “We tried to integrate Emerald into the terracing that leads down to the lake, taking advantage of the plot’s layout and the slopes of the hills so as to respect the existing volumes and the view. Our team of designers is increasingly specialising in this type of project, which aims to create beauty by making the most of the natural and local elements.”

“The emerald is a gem that evokes elegance, perfection, and sophistication, and these were the cardinal points for the creation of Villa Emerald” – notes interior designer Kristina Pulaeva. “The interior of the villa was designed in collaboration with Elio Sereno Home as an interplay of contrasts and geometries that reveal an elegant yet dynamic atmosphere. The large glass section amplifies the overall impression of space and allows the rooms to open outwards towards the surrounding landscape. The lights and colours were inspired by the ‘Mediterranean scrub’ setting of Lake Garda, as was the choice of materials, dominated by natural elements such as wood and marble, sometimes interspersed with industrial-inspired metals for furnishing accessories, the staircase, and some works of art.”

“Collaborating with a reputable and reliable group like Boffa Petrone & Partners and a specialist company like Building has been very exciting for us” – said Lorenzo Fezzardi, owner of the Fezzardi Architecture & Design Studio and Administrator of the Fezzardi Living Group. “We worked side by side, sharing the architecture of the property, refining the shapes and details that enable Emerald to fit harmoniously and subtly into the pre-existing setting, enhancing the surrounding shapes, landscape, and natural features. Architecture and art have made Emerald an extraordinary place.”

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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