Designed by Mexican architecture studio Natural Arquitectura, Guerrero Home-Studio located in Santiago, Nuevo León, Mexico. Project description by architect: Project embedded in the mountains, overlooking the Sierra Madre Oriental, in a descending terrain of 9 meters in front, 20 meters deep a...
Project name
Casa Estudio Guerrero (Guerrero Home Studio)
Architecture firm
Natural Arquitectura
Arces # 110, Bosques de San Pedro, Santiago, Nuevo León, Mexico
Ramiro Guerrero
Designed by Mexico-based architecture studio Zeller & Moye, the Anfal Memorial is a silent but solid landmark amidst the mountainous desert of Kurdistan to commemorate the victims of the Kurdish genocide under Saddam Hussein known as Anfal. The memorial is designed around an art piece of one thou...


Zoncuantla Apartments in Coatepec, Mexico by Rafael Pardo Arquitectos