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Cash, Saint Petersburg, Russia by Azbuka Dom Studio / Vitaly Bitiev

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Azbuka Dom Studio
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Ivan Sorokin
Principal architect:
Vitaly Bitiev
Design team:
Vitaly Bitiev
Tatiana Litsis
Built area:
145 m²
Site area:
145 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Vitaly Bitiev
Environmental & MEP engineering:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Tatiana Litsis
Tools used:
wishes to stay anonymous
Residential › Apartment

Azbuka Dom Studio: The concept of this project was thought out even before the contract was signed. The interior was created for a young creative couple with excellent taste and vision, so despite the challenging task that the designer faced, the discussion was easy. In order to create maximum freedom, a global redesign was carried out in the room. The flat has no separate rooms or doors and all movement is organised around the study in the centre. Due to the fact that we see the total area of the space, the volume of the flat visually increases, and the movement of the sun during the day only enhances this effect, creating a feeling of three- dimensionality.

Despite the strict minimalism and even some asceticism, the flat is very comfortable to live in. It has everything you need: storage systems behind facades made of real metal, all kitchen appliances that are hidden and do not create visual noise, a comfortable bed and a living room area with a spacious sofa. The designer even thought of a utility room, which can be accessed through the wardrobe sash.

The decision to leave the concrete ceiling came from the desire for maximum brevity. Geometric objects made of concrete were in support. Initially it was intended to plant plants in them, but later it became clear that greenery does not fit in with the subtle austerity of the interior. Therefore, these "temples of emptiness" took on a new meaning and became the embodiment of the basic idea of maximum clean space.

Due to the open window openings, the main lighting scenario is natural. But there are also lighting fixtures directed into the ceiling and filling the space with soft reflected light. The colour scheme of the flat is kept in the general style of the project, in very calm monochrome tones. Shades of noble grey are slightly diluted with neutral translucent beige, and white accents only emphasise the restraint of the space. The interior turned out to be uncompromising and honest, fully reflecting the inner world and philosophy of the clients. There are no imitations, decoration or desire to impress. Only what really matters.

By Stephany Mata Garcia

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