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E19 Apartment, Prague, Czech Republic by Malfinio

Project name:
E19 Apartment
Architecture firm:
Prague, Czech Republic
Principal architect:
Martina Homolková
Design team:
Built area:
Gross floor area 135 m²
Site area:
Design year:
06/2020 – 12/2023
Completion year:
Interior design:
Environmental & MEP engineering:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Cement screed – flooring, vertical surfaces of bathrooms. Variously treated metals – Hořánek Studio. Etched aluminum – furniture cladding according to the author's design. Heated, brushed stainless steel – furniture cladding according to the author's design. Blued sheet metal – furniture cladding and cladding according to the author's design. American walnut with oil finishing – furniture according to the author's design. Plywood with oil finishing and lacquer – table according to the author's design. Lacquer Valchromat (MDF) – custom-designed furniture. Relief ceramic cladding – Mutina. Curtains – Tyvek
Tools used:
Residential › Apartment

Malfinio: The concept of the apartment reconstruction project in one of the first tenement buildings in Prague built in the functionalist style was based on three pillars: space (emptiness), light, and solitaires within it. In the first phase of reconstruction, the apartment was cleansed of all unsuccessful and disastrous accretions of time. The space itself began to radiate. Following this strong feeling, the idea arose to keep the generosity of the emptiness, and even enhance it.

The project became a kind of small laboratory exploring the limits of material possibilities, furniture construction, and durability. The architect designed a large, atypical furniture block permeating the entire apartment and containing everything needed - at the entrance, two utility rooms, and a wardrobe; the mass continues further through the space, hiding storage spaces, concealing the kitchen behind bifold doors, and accommodating two smaller bathrooms. The rest of the apartment was left simple, complemented only by a few artistic solitaires. The envelope of the atypically designed block became a large-format canvas, perfectly envisioned by the artist Klára Spišková. Her strong painting contrasts with the backdrop of raw MDF boards, giving the whole a unique energy.

The apartment shell reflects the original spirit – it remains sober white, almost gallery-like. Only a subtle rosy touch flows through the space, gradually transforming and peaking at both ends of the apartment: in the living room with raspberry-coloured sofas and in the bedroom, mingling with shades of apricot and vibrant crimson, appearing on the curtains by Linda Kaplanová. Linen textiles of two roughnesses flow around the soft arc of the bed, separating the sleeping area and subtly tinting the penetrating light. The gentle expression of the bedroom is contrasted by the edges of the lighting fixture by Ingo Maurer and the photographs by Bet Orten. The bedroom can be separated from the rest of the space and closed off by a mobile partition.

The delicate rosy tones are juxtaposed with metals used on large-scale elements. This concept of "softness and roughness" is reflected both in the whole and in the detail of the interior. The colour concept is further complemented by the theme of inside and outside - the interior of the block is darker and more grounded. The reddish tone transforms into a dark brick to terracotta colour in the bathrooms, with the ambient light enhancing their warm impression. The design accentuates connectivity (spatial, material, colour) and works with long vistas through the space, further deepened through reflections. Views and the large, interconnected space are the most generous moments of the apartment.

About studio / author

Client – space – light – movement – mass – emptiness – proportions – detail! – balance – with all senses – unique story – experience – energy

Martina Homolková graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University in Prague. She founded her studio, called Malfinio, in 2020 after five years of experience in Formafatal.

Martina focuses mainly on interior design. “I let the clients feel the space through my filter. Then, together, we create their unique story, tailored from the concept to the implementation. It is crucial for me to tune in to the uniqueness of each client and space. I emphasize space and light, openings, materials, textures, combinations, layers, and detail (!). To me, the interconnecting principle lies within a coherent concept founded on functionality and practicality, interconnection of individual elements, and balance of the whole. I like searching for new limits, which would not be possible without the best of craftsmen.”

By Liliana Alvarez

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