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Architectural Awe at Conrad New York Downtown

Written by:
Erica Langendorff
Conrad New York Downtown

Just minutes from Manhattan’s most historic neighborhoods, including Tribeca, Greenwich Village, SoHo and Wall Street lives Conrad New York Downtown, a 463 all-suite luxury hotel situated alongside the Hudson River. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Rated hotel is an urban oasis for leisure and business guests alike, featuring refreshed suites, ATRIO Wine Bar & Restaurant and the renowned Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar (open spring and summer), as well as the largest hotel event space in Downtown Manhattan. 

Most impressively, Conrad New York Downtown is an art-forward, art-centric destination featuring more than 2,000 exclusively curated works of art throughout the property. Visitors enjoy an inspiring mix of modern and contemporary pieces commissioned for fun wonderment and memorable snapshots. Sleek design is flawlessly carried into all guestrooms, event spaces, and dining concepts. To achieve this, Conrad New York Downtown worked with several famed architects, designers and artists, including world-renowned, Sol Lewitt, Herve Descottes of L’Observatoire, and internationally acclaimed landscape architect, Ken Smith.

Architectural details include a multistory atrium that serves as a staple and recognizable wow factor to guests and visitors alike. The lobby’s main feature is a Sol LeWitt drawing. There is a series of hanging sculptures called “The Veil,” designed by Monica Ponce de Leon. The atmospheric effect at once fills the space while seeming to expand it. The design suspends tubular triangles dramatically with 18 miles reflective crystal cable, distorting the hanging shapes into curving lines that look computer-generated. The strings delineate beguiling conical volumes in the vast space and connect the upper and lower shapes to create figures.

Renowned artist Elizabeth Peyton’s five prints, located in various guest suites throughout, feature her interpretations of recognizable celebrities—Prince William, Prince Harry, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and John F. Kennedy, Jr.—and a glamorized portrait of a close friend. Recalling Andy Warhol’s fascination with fame and popular culture, as well as David Hockney’s figurative paintings of close friends, Peyton’s works are rendered in her own distinct gestural style.

Mary Heilmann’s prints—Arbor, Earth and Air, Africa and The Sound of White Water—can be found in guest rooms throughout Conrad New York Downtown. These works portray the lyrical beauty of her folk-inspired abstractions, and are prime examples of her bold brushwork and fine sense of geometry. Blending the influence of the craft movement with such modern masters as Piet Mondrian and Ellsworth Kelly, Heilmann creates minimal abstractions filled with bursts of color.

Sara Sosnowy, known for her elegantly minimal abstractions, created five untitled prints for the hotel’s guest suites. Each strikes a unique balance between the bold and the sublime. Reminiscent of post-minimalist work by artists Eva Hesse and Yayoi Kusama, her works maintain a steady rhythm, appearing simultaneously casual in their delicate irregularity and also tenaciously formal in pattern and harmony.

The hotel is a bold leader in sustainable luxury offering an impressive series of green initiatives. The property is within walking distance to a list of acclaimed attractions such as the World Trade Center and Oculus, Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry, Brookfield Place and more. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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