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Architectural Harmony: Integrating Timber Frame Pavilions into Modern Outdoor Spaces

Written by:
Liliana Alvarez

Your outdoor space should be just as architecturally alluring as the indoor space you love, full of charming elements that draw the eye and features that make going outside feel more luxurious than staying indoors. If you have outdoor elements already, such as a water feature, patio, or deck, then you’re already well on your way to making your yard as fully functional and entertaining as possible.

You also likely understand that creating architectural harmony is important as an element to maintaining the curb appeal of your property while also staying true to the beautiful features and garden elements that already exist in your yard. How can adding even more architectural builds to your yard add to its beauty and allure and not clutter your property?

Here’s where timber frame pavilions come into play. These beautiful shelter-style structures add plenty of beauty and unique architectural appeal to any landscape and can be a wise addition to your yard. Whether you want to add something that can be used in several ways for entertaining and relaxation or you have an existing pavilion on your land you want to improve upon, here are ways that you can integrate timber frame pavilions into modern outdoor spaces.

Why Does Architectural Harmony Even Matter?

Imagine walking into your backyard and feeling like everything is out of place, or like you don’t know which direction you’re supposed to go. When every element in your yard is designed to look its own way, it’s not going to have a cohesive relationship with the next yard feature you put in. This can make your yard feel busy at best, and confusing at worst, when what you’re actually going for is a fun yard with several entertaining and retreat-worthy stopping points. In short, architectural harmony in your yard is essential to truly being able to enjoy every element of your property, not just the new or improved pavilion you’re putting in.

Place A Pavilion In An Open Focal Point

You don’t want your pavilion to crowd out other backyard features you already have, or else you risk making your space look cluttered and distract the eye in too many directions. Instead of having two main features compete against one another, have your pavilion go at a different open focal point but within visual of another element so they work with one another. For example, placing a pavilion within viewing distance of your water feature allows these two features to complement one another: the water feature can be enjoyed from the comfort of the pavilion.

Do you have a fire pit or open foundation ready for a pavilion to be placed? A timber frame pavilion can be placed on any existing foundation so you don’t have to interrupt the flow of your landscape. If you want your pavilion to be the starting point for designing your yard, your timber frame pavilion specialist can assist you in choosing a location for your pavilion as well as its size, design, and main use.

Use Similar Or Complementary Materials

The best way to make your timber frame pavilion integrate well with the rest of your property is to use as many similar elements as you can in its overall design and architecture. This way, it doesn’t stand out as a single element that is too contemporary or classic in its design. Stick to architectural designs of your patio or other landscape features. If this isn’t possible, then borrow from color schemes and basic designs of existing backyard elements, or incorporate similar stonework and other elements into your pavilion so the results appear intentional and every hardscaping effort you have put in your yard goes well together. You don’t have to match elements exactly, just make sure they are not so out of touch with one another that your yard is pulled in too many directions.

Choose One Small Theme For Every Element

If you have several yard features and none of them have any relation to the next, your pavilion design can finally be what draws your entire yard together into an architecturally harmonious space. This can be done simply by choosing one single theme that every backyard element has to follow.

If it sounds difficult to achieve, it’s not: simply plant the same color of rose around your patio, pavilion, water feature, walking path, bridge, or retaining wall. Have the same style of solar lights threaded around each backyard feature. Add similar potted plants to every outdoor area, or pull the spaces together with common-themed flooring. This way, the designs of these elements will be what really stand out, and not how structurally different everything looks on its own.

Less Is More

When in doubt, stick to classic architectural lines and let the overall allure and natural design of a pavilion create the cohesion and beauty you desire in your yard for you. A timber frame pavilion on its own is a unique and beautiful structure full of versatile uses and makes your landscape stand out among all the other yards in your neighborhood.

Installing Your Timber Frame Pavilion

Installing a timber frame pavilion in your yard is an excellent way to upgrade your space and make it more architecturally sound. You’ll get to enjoy being outdoors so you can enjoy your beautiful yard any time of year with the beautiful and unique addition of a pavilion.

By Liliana Alvarez

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