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Casa Espinal TS in Alajuela, Costa Rica by Allan Moreno Arquitectos

Project name:
Casa Espinal TS
Architecture firm:
Allan Moreno Arquitectos
Alajuela, Costa Rica
Anibal Campos
Principal architect:
Allan Moreno
Design team:
Allan Moreno, Carolina Cordero, Irene Viquez, Orlando Bazan, Ronald Segnini
Claudia Serpa
Interior design:
Claudia Serpa
Built area:
780 m²
Site area:
1308 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Ronald Segnini
Structural engineer:
Ronald Segnini
Environmental & MEP:
Allan Moreno Arquitectos
Allan Moreno Arquitectos
Tools used:
SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Adobe Lightroom
Diseño Urbano
Concrete, wood, glass.
Residential › House

Allan Moreno Arquitectos: Casa Espinal TS is a project located in Costa Rica this project is being developed through vital balance and upcoming energy of each of the house holders based on a Feng Shui principle, starting on the main household layout, that is not currently founded in each of the rooms available or living lodgings, but through personal wellbeing quest for each of the individuals' requirements instead. Existing household development pursuits privacy and openness, delimiting any other non-essential element inherent to the design itself. Household main entrance focus point is based on the broad main garden that links a private environment with a people gathering-oriented area, that fulfills a connection between the main structure along an open-air terrace with the main purpose of a unified-familiarly recognized feeling.

The architectural distribution of the house makes it very clear through a large hall where the private and social areas are located, this is designed through an opening or garden or dual space with a direct view to the outside. Thus defining each one of the rooms' private and service areas of this project, each area has natural lighting and ventilation which is very important to maintain the initial concept of opening and direct contact with its surroundings, in addition to this reduce the energy expenditure. The final result is a project that complies with each of the design guidelines proposed by our team from the beginning and the vital role of our clients in being able to carry out this project together and achieve what today becomes a reality.

By Liliana Alvarez

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