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Casa Sol: a private oasis in the heart of Merida’s historic district by Workshop Diseño y Construcción

Project name:
Casa sol
Architecture firm:
Workshop Diseño y Construcción
Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico
Tamara Uribe
Principal architect:
Francisco Bernés Aranda and Fabián Gutiérrez Cetina
Design team:
Francisco Bernés Aranda, Fabián Gutiérrez Cetina, Alejandro Bargas Cicero, Isabel Bargas Cicero
Artesano MX, Soho Galleries Merida
Interior design:
Built area:
135 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Stone, Wood, Glass
Residential › House

Workshop Diseño y ConstrucciónCasa Sol is a private oasis in the heart of Merida’s historic district. Located in the Yucatan península, this restoration project merges nature with history. Casa Sol offers a space for its owners to leave the busy city behind; here they can relax under the shadows of the trees that surround the pool.

 The original facade, simply constructed without ornaments, veils a living room, guest suite, dining and living room, a service area. and the master suite, which faces the pool area. The patio expands the living space into an outdoor lounge area that is protected by a wooden roof.

contemporary home with pool image © Tamara Uribe

The primary aim of the design was to preserve and respect the property’s pre-existing history and nature. This is why all new construction was built around long-standing trees. It also guided the decision to use materials found in the traditional colonial architecture of Yucatan, such as the pasta tiles, the stone walls and wooden elements like the beams and doors.

The connection between indoors and outdoors is fundamental to the lifestyle found on the peninsula. As such, the design incorporates big sliding glass windows through which residents can enjoy a full view of the tropical garden and the pool. A focal point, the pool was built around an old colonial structure, which holds the machinery room. The color palette includes blue, yellow and red, colors that are very common in the architecture of haciendas found across Yucatan.

Through its use of natural elements that honor the tradition and history of the land it rises from, Casa Sol aims to create a variety of relaxing atmospheres for its tenants to enjoy.

Mexican house with swimming pool

Casa sol ine Merida Mexico

Mexican house renovation

house backyard garden with pool

backyard garden and pool

living room with stone wall

traditional Mexican kitchen

kitchen island

wooden dining table and chairs

dining area with wooden table and chairs

bathroom washing basin

master bedroom with garden view

dining area with garden view

bedroom with stone wall

Casa sol interior design

master bedroom interior design

office room design

Casa sol in Merida

ground floor plan

architecture section drawing

architecture section drawing


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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