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Englefield House designed by DROO

The London-based architectural studio DROO has designed "Englefield House" a luxury home that located in London, United Kingdom

Project description by the architects:

From Dingy Bedsits to a Luxury Smart Home, 143 Englefield Road presented the age-old challenge of marrying contemporary living with a Period Home in the most seamless manner. The existing Victorian Terrace house was in absolute disarray when it was purchased. The sensitive refurbishment and extension of the existing period terrace seeks to integrate all of the aspects of contemporary living into a Period home whilst enhancing the original features of the house. This Luxury 5 Bedroom, 5 Bathroom house boasts the perfect combination between open plan living and the classic Victorian room based design.

Englefield_House_Droo_AmazingArchitecture_London_UK_001.jpgimage © DROO

Englefield_House_Droo_AmazingArchitecture_London_UK_002.jpgimage © DROO

Englefield_House_Droo_AmazingArchitecture_London_UK_003.jpgimage © DROO

Englefield_House_Droo_AmazingArchitecture_London_UK_004.jpgimage © DROO

Englefield_House_Droo_AmazingArchitecture_London_UK_005.jpgimage © DROO

Englefield_House_Droo_AmazingArchitecture_London_UK_006.jpgimage © DROO

Englefield_House_Droo_AmazingArchitecture_London_UK_007.jpgimage © DROO

Englefield_House_Droo_AmazingArchitecture_London_UK_008.jpgimage © DROO

Englefield_House_Droo_AmazingArchitecture_London_UK_009.jpgimage © DROO

Englefield_House_Droo_AmazingArchitecture_London_UK_010.jpgimage © DROO

Architect: DROO

Year: 2016

Area: 300 m²

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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