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GP House in Mérida, Mexico by OWN + Felipe Caboclo Architecture

Project name:
Casa GP
Architecture firm:
OWN + Felipe Caboclo Architecture
Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico
Manolo R. Solís
Principal architect:
Luis Fernando García O. + Felipe Caboclo + Patricia Ríos Muñoz
Design team:
Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda, Felipe Caboclo, Patricia Ríos Muñoz
Felipe Caboclo
Interior design:
Built area:
560 m²
Site area:
795 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Herrvar Estructuras S de RL de CV
Environmental & MEP:
Andres Degetau
Tools used:
AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, V-ray, Adobe Photoshop
Ceiba Inmobiliaria
Concrete, Wood, Steel & Glass
Residential › House

OWN + Felipe Caboclo Architecture: Located in the Yucatán Country Club Golf Club on the Yucatán peninsula. The project was born from a collaboration between friendly firms which have a very similar way of projecting. With simple and clean geometry, a project is developed that revolves around inhabiting the exterior from any point of the house, the terraces being a primary point of the project. Transparency and privacy were the factors to consider when designing the project. With great views of the golf course and the magnificent trees in the environment.

The design of the project follows a line of sustainable and bioclimatic design, with a previous analysis of the climatology and orientations of the local natural elements, using them to benefit the energy consumption of the project and the well-being of the inhabitants.

modern residence in Merida image © Manolo R. Solís

The project is oriented to the north, for the most part, to receive the greatest natural lighting, through floor-to-ceiling windows, which are covered by a dynamic facade generated by woody louver panels which allow generating privacy when required, and at its own expense. Once open to the views of the field, from the privacy of each space.

The ailerons in the slab of the bedrooms, which serve as hot air extraction chimneys, help to naturally illuminate each space, and reduce the interior temperature, generating spaces with fresh and oxygenated ventilation, reducing the use of air conditioners along the way throughout the year.

The palette of materials selected for the project (Concrete, Wood, Steel, and Glass) generates an elegant and subtle environment that creates an atmosphere of tranquility and peace in the spaces, generating greater well-being of the users.

contemporary home with wooden facade image © Manolo R. Solís

The first level is projected as an open plan divided by sliding wooden panels, to generate privacy in the kitchen spaces and television area. Which are integrated through the terrace and pool, which corresponds to the geometry of the terrace on the second level.

The second level is projected as a private area, which is used to contain the 4 rooms and a family room, which are joined by a perimeter terrace, providing each space with an interior / exterior relationship, always looking for the biophilic aspect in daily living.

house exterior design with wood

GP House in Mérida, Mexico by OWN + Felipe Caboclo Architecture

entrance pivot door

wooden pivot door

skylight in the ceiling let the natural sunlight enters the house

wooden wall

house backyard with pool

terrace with outdoor furniture

Woden terrace

pool and wooden terrace

luxury house design with pool

swimming pool at backyard of the house

pool and wooden terrace detail

contemporary home design

terrace with planter

bedroom with nature view

upper floor corridor

living room sofa

wooden dining table and chairs

kitchen island with bar stools

modern kitchen with pool view

floor spot lights

bathroom sinks and mirrors

luxury house with illumination at night

swimming pool with illumination

house design with pool

ground floor plan

first floor plan

roof plan

longitudinal section drawing

longitudinal section drawing

backside elevation drawing

north elevation drawing

principal facade drawing

south elevation drawing


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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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