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Green Park Residence, Dali, Nicosia by Dmt Architects

Project name:
Green Park Residence
Architecture firm:
Dmt Architects
Dali, Nicosia, Cyprus
Apostolos Arsenis
Principal architect:
Alexandros Alexi
Design team:
Energy Pefrormance Cerfificate: Andreas Tzitzimbourounis
Interior design:
Built area:
250 m²
Site area:
545 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
George Kountouris
Structural engineer:
RC + S
Environmental & MEP:
Andreas Tzitzimbourounis, Nicolas Nicolaou
Tools used:
S.Demetriou Contractors – Developers
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Dmt Architects: Green Park Residence is nestled next to a public park and is designed to harmonize with its peaceful natural setting. Incorporating two courtyards that seem to extend into the park, it provides a feeling of continuity and creates a gentle transition between private areas and shared spaces. The layout of the residence is planned to flow naturally across the property, organically connecting all spaces with each other and incorporating the entire structure to its surroundings as a whole. Living areas are linked to a central hub intended for family gatherings. Located at the very center of the house, this area acts as the heart of the residence and aims to provide an atmosphere that encourages togetherness. It consists of a cozy living room and an adjacent dining area with a high ceiling that allows natural light in and makes the house feel open and spacious.

This feeling of openness and natural flow is amplified by the wide windows and tall glazed doors installed on most common areas. The central dining area features a suspended staircase that, in concert with the double height ceiling, establishes a vertical connection between different parts of the house and enhances the sense of unity and wideness. Ascending to the second floor, the stairwell leads to a corridor that serves as a spine across the floor, connecting the spaces that are located here. This walkway features a panoramic view to the park through its generous windows, offering glimpses of the outside world to the residents, while preserving their privacy. Branching off this spinal passway are the bedrooms and ancillary spaces of the house, in a layout that allows natural light and flow of air to reach all areas and rooms.

Green Park Residence is a fusion of contemporary materials. Concrete forms the solid base that provides stability and durability to the entire structure. Steel threads through, adding both support and a touch of modernity to the design. Intertwining between the concrete and steel, glass brings transparency and light, blurring the lines between inside and out in a way that gratifies the main concept of the house. In essence, Green Park Residence is a house floating within its natural setting, embedding the main features of the area while at the same time integrating itself to its environment, creating a haven that seamlessly marries modern living and comfort with the tranquility of its natural surroundings.

By Liliana Alvarez

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