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Haridwar, Dighi, India by THINK

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Dighi, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Abhishek Chavhan (Architectural Captures) Videographer: Rounak Chandak
Principal architect:
Shubham Gandhi, Harshal Mutha, Dhwani Mehta, Aadesh Gandhi
Design team:
Shubham Gandhi, Harshal Mutha, Dhwani Mehta, Vaishnavi Jagtap, Deepika Gehlot, Shubham Oswal
Writer: Tanvee Abhyankar. Styling: The Soul Concept. Painting Contractor: Shankar Pokharkar
Interior design:
Built area:
3000 ft²
Site area:
5000 ft²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Feroz Pathan (Kamalraj Associates)
Structural engineer:
G A Bhilare Consultants Private Limited
Environmental & MEP:
Architectural Energy Solutions
Think With Us
Sachin Mavkar (Kamalraj Associates)
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp, Enscape, Adobe Photoshop
Kamalraj Associates
Kota, Marble, Timber, etc.
80 Lakhs
Satish Walke
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Amidst the burgeoning landscape of Dighi is a tranquil haven that welcomes a multigenerational family of six. The spacious 2500 sq ft apartment ‘Haridwar’ is designed by the team of THINK, led by Ar. Shubham Gandhi, Id. Harshal Mutha, Ar.Dhwani Mehta and Id. Aadesh Gandhi boasts an expansive terrace of panoramic views. Spanning an additional 2500 sq ft, the terrace is meticulously landscaped to create a traditional village-like ambience, offering the family a familiar and blended experience of old and new, exactly how they’ve desired it to be.

The house successfully strikes a balance between opulence and simplicity, almost in a warm way where no one feels alien. Paying meticulous attention to materials, aesthetics, functionality, and ambience, Haridwar is a big hug for anyone and everyone who comes in. While entering, a wada panel door crafted from natural teak, adorned with contemporary metal handles, sets the tone for the entire design. The grey Italian marble flooring in the living room introduces a sense of calm and sophistication. This material palette extends throughout the house, with rattan and natural teakwood furniture creating accents while connecting nature and tradition.

Teak and oak shades grace the entire house, bringing warmth and richness to door and window frames and various architectural elements. A peaceful mandir room awaits your attention; undoubtedly the most exquisite example of handcrafting is seen in the 300kg Kolhapuri stone jaali which serves as a backdrop for the serene wooden mandir, inspired by the design of peacock feathers. As Haridwar starts shaping up into a beautiful residential space, the team sensibly incorporates the little requirements clients had put forth to them—from revamping the wooden furniture to maintaining the classic house number on the retained door in the terrace area to having a tulsi vrindavan, traditional swings and manual chakki wheel, everything was seamlessly accommodated in this modern design.

In the dining room, a custom-made dining table, featuring a robust 3-inch Acacia wood top combines rustic and modern elements, while the kitchen boasts a paradisiacal Quartz stone countertop for easy maintenance. In contrast to the overall theme of the client’s requirements, the kitchen seems to be royally modern-fitted. The house's material palette transitions as you move into personal zones, with earthy Kota stone flooring in bedrooms. The dynamic design of the house caters to the diverse age requirements of its three generations, incorporating specific and distinct designs in each space. For example, the first master bedroom features bespoke ply and veneer furniture, maintaining a traditional look, while the children's bedroom incorporates dynamic flooring and rattan elements in the wardrobe design.

The study space in the kids’ bedroom is versatile, serving as a space for various kid’s activities. It has tables that can be folded away to create more open space. The master bedroom, on the other hand, emphasises a more traditional look, with a bookshelf, rattan, and veneer elements. Moving ahead into the grandfather's bedroom, it exudes simplicity in design and lifestyle. Amongst other elements, it stages a subtle metal-framed wardrobe and a balcony that connects to the garden. Wooden mouldings add a traditional touch, especially on the bed's back wall and the false ceiling above the balcony door. The guest bedroom is comparatively modern, shaped with a dynamic wardrobe design featuring veneer and MDF pyramids. The mirrored elements add a touch of sophistication to the room.

Haridwar is not just a visual treat, it is a thoughtfully designed living experience with incorporated rules of vastu shastra as well. Every element is now adept to the occupants’ lifestyle—from the down-to-earth seating in the living room that makes visitors feel at home to the garden with the gazebo that welcomes the varkaris during the season, the house is for all. As it has been quite some time since the residents are happily living in Haridwar, they have only kind words to give as feedback to the designers and their team. In essence, Haridwar is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, catering to the diverse needs and tastes of a multigenerational family while providing a serene urban retreat.

By Liliana Alvarez

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