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Manish Residence, Panchkula, India by Subash & Associates

Project name:
Manish Residence
Architecture firm:
Subash and Associates
Panchkula, India
Nakul Jain
Principal architect:
Ashwani Duggal
Design team:
Ashwani Duggal, Ranjeet Chouhan, Ibadat
Interior design:
Subash and Associates
Built area:
7000 ft²
Site area:
500 sq-yard
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Pankaj Nanda
Structural engineer:
Pankaj Nanda
Environmental & MEP:
Subash and Associates
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp, Lumion
Italian stone, Laminum
7 crores
Manish Saini
Residential › House

Subash & Associates: Overlooking the national highway, Residence 100 is situated on a corner plot in the opulent neighborhood of the calm and serene city of Panchkula. Designed to accommodate a family of five, its main requirement was to have a contemporary façade that stands out from the surrounding houses.

The characteristic elevation is composed of variations of the 'oblong' shape, which not only extends throughout the exteriors but also influences many internal elements. The façade of this east-facing private dwelling is dominated by hues of black and white, forming the main color scheme of the project. White flooring throughout the residence provides a clean palette for various internal elements to project on, such as the glass and metal partitions, lighting fixtures, and furniture modules.

The central space of the house features a glass-embedded skylight, which captures daylight to illuminate the entire house and adds a unique aesthetic dimension to the space. Attention to detail is evident in harmonizing the attributes of different interior elements, such as the slimline glass partition in the lounge, the quadratic handrail of the staircase, and the sleek skylight design above.

The homochromatic tones and curvilinear form of the elevation make it stand out amidst its foliage-filled surroundings. The profile of the residence is enhanced by full-length windows, augmented glass railings, and meticulously designed aluminum louvers. It serves as a fine example of contemporary architecture with elements of post-modernism reflected in its primary form and semblance.

By Liliana Alvarez

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