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Moradia JD2, Ílhavo, Portugal by Rui Rosmaninho

Project name:
Moradia JD2 . JD2 house
Architecture firm:
Rui Rosmaninho
Ílhavo, Portugal
Ivo Tavares Studio
Principal architect:
Rui Rosmaninho
Design team:
Inspection: Pontocad. Acoustic Design: Diogo Portela. Fluids Engineering: Ana Gonçalves. Thermal Engineering: António Marques
Interior design:
Maria Vilhena
Built area:
390 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Diogo Portela
Environmental & MEP:
Rui Rosmaninho
Gabriel Santos
Tools used:
Residential › House

Rui Rosmaninho: Three white volumes that bring the Ria de Aveiro closer to those who inhabit them.

With this project of a beach house with magnificent views of the Aveiro estuary (Portugal), the client wanted to satisfy their needs for a modern lifestyle, combining aesthetic quality with minimalist and contemporary design. The sun exposure, natural light, and landscape influenced and defined the design of the dwelling. The proximity to the sea influenced the choice of exterior finishes. Concrete, Corten steel, and ceramic ensure low maintenance of the building. The exterior ceramic slats are a contemporary version that aims to replicate the vertical stripes of traditional "palheiros", characteristic of this area. The widespread use of ceramic finishes reflects the owner's desire, an entrepreneur in the ceramic industry.

Inside, the client wanted a comfortable, light atmosphere that appealed to relaxation. To this effect, whites and beiges, light woods, and especially rough wood elements, as if carved from a single trunk, were used extensively. The finishes of some areas repeat the materials used on the exterior, blending with the interior and complementing the view allowed by the large windows. Because the house is also intended to host family and friends, details were thought out that allow the space to be more functional, and for this purpose, all the furniture was designed and produced to measure for this project. And who said ceramic can't be cozy? Floors and finishes are essentially in this material.

For this reason, ceramic finishes were chosen that look like wallpaper, providing immense comfort to the environment. For the bedrooms' toilets, totally white ceramics were chosen, working the walls with pieces of different shapes and with different applications, bringing dynamism and uniqueness to each one, despite being very similar in their layout. An excellent collaboration between architecture and interior design firms, which materialized in a magnificent and peaceful retreat for this family.

By Stephany Mata Garcia

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