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Paudalho Popular Houses in Paudalho, Brazil by NEBR Arquitetura

Project name:
Paudalho Popular Houses
Architecture firm:
NEBR Arquitetura
Paudalho, Pernambuco, Brazil
Manuel Sá
Principal architect:
Edson Muniz
Design team:
Amanda Brandão
Chico Santos
Interior design:
NEBR arquitetura
Built area:
58.5 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
NEBR arquitetura
Edson Muniz
Tools used:
RWM Construction Company
Alcoa, Cerâmica Bom Jesus, Norcola, Norvidro
Bom Jesus Enterprises
Popular Houses

NEBR Arquitetura: Suggestive architectural proposals for affordable housing to the population, propose housing development units of questionable quality to solve the housing deficit in the country, and Pernambuco is no different.

In the inducement to think of housing as an honest space for those who occupy it, we propose trying to design an architecture with a simple and objective vocation regarding projects repressed to the impositions of the Brazilian housing program.

Present in the urban context, albeit rural, the expectant portion of nature at the back of the subdivision softened a real courtesy, in combination with the striking presence of regional fauna.

Simplicity is usually rational and assertive; thus, it guided the challenge of drawing technically possible project guidelines for four embryonic houses with 58.5 m2 of usable area each. Inserted in modest plots of dimensions 8x20 meters and executed by low-skilled local labor, the construction period took just 120 days.

In his poetry, the architectural party comes from the shadow, by gravitating a certain substantial rhythm to the precise calligraphy of straight lines in the formal balance. The scarcity of gentle contours presides over the haughtiness of points and edges in geometrical refinement.

The project re-question hostile dimensions and energetic principles of spatial economy stigmatized to the popular house. In the enjoyment of the emptiness built from the height drawing, the sky becomes the horizon because there was little ground.

By Liliana Alvarez

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