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Pharmacy and House ARM Cúllar Vega, Spain by O·CO arquitectos

Project name:
Pharmacy and House ARM (Farmacia - Vivienda ARM)
Architecture firm:
O·CO arquitectos
Cúllar Vega, Granada, Spain
Juanan Barros
Principal architect:
Ángel Vallecillo Zorrilla, Rafael Nieto Jiménez
Design team:
O·CO arquitectos
Interior design:
O·CO arquitectos
Built area:
360 m²
Site area:
520 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
O·CO arquitectos
Structural engineer:
O·CO arquitectos
Environmental & MEP:
O·CO arquitectos
O·CO arquitectos
O·CO arquitectos
O·CO arquitectos
O·CO arquitectos
Tools used:
AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop
Hucen Obras y Proyectos SL
Concrete, steel, ceramic flooring, wood, corian.
Ana Rosa Rubio de Malo
Residential › House › Pharmacy

O·CO arquitectos: The project is placed in a small town in the area known as Vega de Granada. It pretends to create a new meeting point bonding the pharmacy to the surroundings. Presenting a new urban appearance which leads a dialog between the white walls and the pureness of the unsurfaced exposed concrete. It is the own materiality - stone, water and garden - the one which connects the different elements that configure the new urban space.

The intervention creates two visually differentiated volumes. One white piece is weightlessly placed over the pharmacy, locating the common spaces of the house. In other volume, made of concrete, the rooms and working and storage areas of the pharmacy. On its own, the public space of the pharmacy shows itself to the outside entirely sheer, in permanent contact with the urban space, where limits are faded.

Indoor the pharmacy, prominence is transferred to the pharmaceutical product by the presence of the white color and the continuity of the space. It gives both outstanding quality to dwellers and pharmacy customers. Everyone is surrounded by a play of light,color and diaphanous spaces which accommodate users. It is about to create a calm and introverted atmosphere, which permit the house to be a place of rest and tranquility; and the pharmacy a functional and versatile space, ready to be used. A generous space not so much to large or small size of the space as to the approach.

Enhance the clarity of natural light is allowed by the proposed materials and the use of build-in furniture. They also permit stimulate the quality of spaces. For its part, to accentuate the shapes of the exterior volumes and to make their morphology and function visible is achieved by using indirect light which evenly light up the whole space. It also allows emphasizing urban permeability.

By Liliana Alvarez

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