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#RIVIERA: Modern family house designed by the Ukrainian studio Koshulynskyy & Mayer

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Koshulynskyy & Mayer
Cottage town "Riviera Sadova" , suburbs of Lviv, Ukraine
Andriy Bezuglov
Principal architect:
Danylo Koshulynskyy, Karina Mayer
Design team:
founders of the studio and chief designer-architects – Karina Mayer and Danylo Koshulynskyy, Designers – Ruslana Oprysak, Iryna Kotyk
Interior design:
Built area:
270 m²
Site area:
1000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
KM design
Structural engineer:
KM design
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Residential › House

#RIVIERA is a modern and functional interior which fully corresponds to the character and needs of its owners. Here, everything is thought out for their habits, daily life and, of course, their two children. Every angle of #RIVIERA seems made for an exceptional photo shoot with a healthy dose of emphasis on trendy elements. The quality and technical sophistication of this interior guarantee the owners peace of mind due to the durability of textiles and furniture. Among the interior items, there are many world-famous top manufacturers as well as Ukrainian factories.

The main decoration of this interior is located high. It is a huge chandelier made to order by the designers Karina Mayer and Danylo Koshulynskyy who assembled it with a team of top-class electricians. The owners arrived when the entire object was already ready, just before the New Year 2024. “The house has a two-light space with a huge window and we wanted to fill it with the right luxurious lighting,” explains Karina. The chandelier does not conflict with any of the accent items in this area of the house, as both the designer sofa and the large bio fireplace also attract a lot of attention.

In particular, the author's sofa with a "pigtail" pattern from Salon Dіval not only acts as a uniquely correct solution for the TV viewing area but is also covered with a fabric that is difficult to damage or get dirty. Despite the TV above the fireplace, everything is very symmetrical and harmonious.”

The kitchen was designed for a hostess who loves to cook. Appliances from Miele, cabinet furniture of Ukrainian production and resistant ceramic granite countertops are just some of the most relevant elements in this area. The design of the kitchen turned out to be very sunny, refined and elegant. Staying here fills you with positive emotions and thoughts. Orange ODISSEIA bar stools from DOOQ add a bit of flair and comfort to the space.

In general, the first floor of #RIVIERA house is a functional and sophisticated living area with a kitchen, dining and living room, also convenient to receive guests and arrange holidays. The second floor is a private zone composed of a master bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom, a large children's wardrobe and a children's playroom for two, the design of which will be relevant until the boys are 12 years old.

The ceiling in the owner's bedroom is an aesthetically refined but technologically complex solution. Since there is a slight hint of the classics here, the Koshulynskyy & Mayer designers decided to give the ceiling a modern volume effect and, accordingly, vivacious and light. The difference in levels is usually 12 mm. Also, special attention should be paid to the ceramic granite washbasin and the spacious cabinet above it, whose work was made to order by Kyiv masters. In this way, a very self-sufficient space with character and an atmosphere of family cosiness and happiness turned out. At the same time, it is modern, light, full of air and light.

By Liliana Alvarez

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