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Fluid House in Córdoba, Argentina by SET Ideas

Project name:
Fluid House
Architecture firm:
SET ideas
Córdoba, Argentina
Gonzalo Viramonte & Catalina Garzon
Principal architect:
Carlos Arias, Heriberto Martinez, Pedro Ruiz Funes, Danisa Pereyra
Design team:
Paloma Allende
Juan E. Biassi, Naomi Castillo, Carolina Rufeil
Interior design:
: SET ideas – Danisa Pereyra
Built area:
130 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Lucas Crespi
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Lucas crespi
Tools used:
Residential › House

SET Ideas:  Integrate, connect, assemble, couple, unite ... put in contact. Not just an existing house with the same extension, but the way you live inside, the way you look outside, the way you connect with your surrounding and with yourself. The way in which architecture flows from contemporary living.

At the Fluid House , the main challenge was to make the construction spirit exist. It is about broadening the look and giving the house a new song.

We took advantage of the spectacular visuals and the original layout of the house to generate a modular metal structure. This same, composes the space, architecture, aesthetics, and functionality. In itself the metal is everything. Accompanied by wood, these two are the only materials and technological elements incorporated, and through them absolutely everything is composed.

We re-functionalized the house from each of the existing levels, giving hierarchy and visual to what was previously built. From the entrance, a living room, up the atelier, and down the barbecue, and lower, the deposit.

On the facade, a new fire space that generated better established limits and better relationships from the inside to the outside and from the street to the house.

This is how with few but significant elements we managed to make the space flow through a modular structure.

By Liliana Alvarez

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