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CASA FOA 2024- edición Pocito Córdoba, Argentina by Giunta Muebles, Ache__O & Patricio Calderón

Project name:
CASA FOA 2024- edición Pocito Córdoba
Interior design:
Giunta Muebles, Ache__O, Patricio Calderón
Córdoba, Argentina
Gonzalo Viramonte
Principal designer:
Design team:
Giunta Muebles ( Freddy Giunta, María Giunta), Patricio Calderon Rojas, Ache__O(Lucrecia Olocco, Matias Hodara)
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Luminotecnia, Viamarguttaarte, Greaciahome, Vallsgarden, Abrilhomedeco, Simon.Ibanez.Duran, Leomennaceramica, Dib_Chile, Recenergia, Qcero.Aberturaspvc, Pachi_Decohome, Boltonhome.Ar, Minimo_Lighting, Estudio.Lorenzoarquitectos, Marmolerialafontana, Retys.Id, Bazharsargentina, Julia Sol Interiores
Architecture firm:
Giunta Muebles, Ache__O, Patricio Calderón
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp
Sponsors: Alba, Canteras, Patagonia Flooring, Knauf, RUS, Vite, feyro, Atrim, Macroled, Banco Hipotecario.

Giunta Muebles: Description of the space and its design:

As the leitmotiv of the Casa FOA exhibition this year is LIVING IN THE CITY, what we proposed was that living in the city does not have to imply being surrounded by cement, which is why we created a living room wrapped in an atmosphere of vegetation, green, of life. Space 5 is a living room. The living room is a space to be, stay and gather. Equipment was designed specifically to fulfill this function with a large, very comfortable central armchair that, without losing proportions, had large dimensions and accompanied the entire space.

 An element of nature as strong as natural wood was used as a living element, which was predominant in the design of the space, to create a box, a whole, a wooden box-object that contains the living space surrounded by this vegetation. through a lush fine longitudinal L-shaped garden and with a total and intentionally exacerbated use of green both in the upholstery of this large armchair that accompanies the entire space, the individual armchairs that complement this large armchair, the quartzite very protagonist in the coffee tables and in this large slit that accompanies the entire space, the accessories such as pillows, blankets and ceramics that were made with an artist especially for this space, being sculptural decorations of leaves, vases that have vegetation.

This is what we wanted, to take all the same color that is like a common thread, that the green is lived in every sense, in all the details, in all the objects and in the elements of equipment surrounded by all this exuberant vegetation and timber; with a perfume that took elements such as sandalwood, cedar, complemented with a leather aroma that has as a detail the equipment of the large armchair. The music also accompanies the space with a bossa nova. Returning to the leitmotif of the exhibition within the city, we can easily transport ourselves to a place surrounded by nature and natural elements.


LIVING N5, a place to stay - be and live different hours of the day in a relaxed and quiet way. We think of it as a box-object that contains and traps within an atmosphere of wood and vegetation, causing a feeling of peace when sitting in the large armchair. The “leitmotif” of this space is the dominant use of the color green as a star, used in its different variants both in materials and textures. The use of this color has emotions associated with relaxation and harmony fully supported by our slender interior garden that transports us to living in the city without losing contact with nature. The selection of this color in different materials such as the leading Avocatus quartzite, leather, textiles and vegetation, together with the use of wood in all horizontal and vertical envelopes, influences our emotions and moods with a positive effect, giving a refreshing signal to our brain. Thus our space with its contemporary equipment seeks a whole... an embracing enveloping union of wanting to stay in THE necessary place after a day of work in the city.

By Liliana Alvarez

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