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The Mansion in Wenzhou, China by Karv One Design

Project name:
The Mansion
Interior design:
Karv One Design
Wenzhou, Wenzhou
King Ou, Neon Wang
Principal designer:
Kyle Chan
Design team:
Kyle Chan, Derek Ng, King Ou, Yang Yang, YLeon Zhang, Bruce Li, Juan Lin, Sail Huang, Lily Lee, Derrick Liang, Katie Ng,
Built area:
750 m²
Completion year:
Sophie Shu, Larrissa Yan, Neon Wang, Amber Peng (Theme Analyst)
Architecture firm:
Gray terrazzo Flooring, Dark gray natural stone staging platform, Bronze stainless steel, Mirror stainless steel, Light-colored solid wood, Gradient glass
China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd.
Commercial › Sales Center

Karv One Design: Architecture is born to touch the sky, it is an artwork of city and fantasy. This time, our client, China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. has airborne landed in the World Trade Tower, which is the tallest building in Wenzhou City. Karv One Design focused on creating two viewing areas, Observation Deck and Air Meeting Room, to strengthen the spatial relationship between the demonstration area and the project site, while the visitors can overlook the city scenery from the skyline at the same time.

Karv One Design has taken inspiration from the Beidou Galaxy and the waves of Tanghe River to express the design's exploration in the urban historical context. By creating design details such as natural light and shadow, materials, landscape scenes, immersive space experience and emotional guidance of multiple scenarios, the modern sales centre is like a watchtower full of the city’s cultural heritage and future imagination.

luxury interior design

contemporary Chinese interior design

golden mesh sculptures

World Trade Center lobby

public lobby furniture

glossy floor made with marble stone

black marble stone floor

curvy ceiling lines

The Mansion in Wenzhou, China by Karv One Design

green bench nearby window

green sofa and chair

glass partition wall


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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