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Millenium Complex in Madrid, Spain by DNA Barcelona Architects

DNA Barcelona Architects a New Proposal for Madrid skyline presenting Millenium Complex in Valdedebas.

Millenium Complex represents a unique hotel and office building developed to be integrated in the area of Valdebebas, one of the most important residential, business and leisure districts of Madrid. The 3 building blocks have 11 levels up and 2 down, offering various functionalities and uses.


The design was elaborated with the goal to highlight building volumes, thus achieving the game between the heights and the corners to give dynamism to the whole complex. Single and unique basement allows the creation of a central space where the blocks´ activities are related and communicated. Independent façade program is developed to get a variety of combinations for tertiary and hotel uses.

Millenium Complex in Madrid, Spain by DNA Barcelona Architectsimage © DNA Barcelona Architects

rendering image of a complex building image © DNA Barcelona Architects

complex building from above image © DNA Barcelona Architects

building with illumination at night from street view image © DNA Barcelona Architects

illuminated building at night surrounded with trees image © DNA Barcelona Architects

architectural model

image © DNA Barcelona Architects

Plan drawing Plan

Plan drawing Plan


Project name: Millenium Complex Madrid, Spain

Architecture firm: DNA Barcelona Architects

Principal architect: Aryanour Djalali

Location: Madrid, Spain

Built area: 38.829 m²

Design Year: 2019

Client: Grupo Baraka

Status: In Progress

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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