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How do the students live? Escola Parque signed by Carolina Penna Arquitetos unites school and community - Brazil

Project name:
Escola Parque – EMEI Cleide Rosa Auricchio
Architecture firm:
Carolina Penna Arquitetos
São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brazil
Ana Mello, Pedro Mascaro
Principal architect:
Carolina Penna
Design team:
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Gabriella Ornaghi e Bianca Vasone Arquitetura da Paisagem
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
MB Projetos Estruturais, CROSSLAM BRASIL
Environmental & MEP:
NV Engenharia
Soluções Engenharia
Wood, Concrete, Glass, Brick
Estúdio Arnold
Tools used:
Escola Parque – EMEI Cleide Rosa Auricchio
Educational › School

Carolina Penna Arquitetos: A square. A school. A park. In childhood, the first contact with the world as a society is the school, it is the seed of citizenship. We are interested in reflecting on the creation of a democratic public space, with its tensions, offering the possibility of collective construction and open to unpredictability.

The school floor is the extension of the square that was there, forged in a single public facility, with possibilities for different arrangements of the community space. The school at the center of the community. It is, in essence, a cover that shelters and welcomes: children, parents and educators.

The built volumes are protected under the cover, around the arena, without imposing isolation from the outside. In the center, an arena and its ancient symbology:  fire, stage, party, dance, conversation and above all play. Playing is an experience of self-production, children create and recreate themselves by playing. The exploration of spaces and objects, for the child, is a playful activity that provides the joy of discovering oneself and the other and contributes to their development.

A “square within the plaza”. In the context of urban childhoods, contact and the possibility of playing in nature contributes significantly to the integral well-being of children, improves all the most important milestones of a healthy childhood - immunity, memory, sleep, learning ability, sociability, ability to physics.


Carolina Penna, architectural firm and urbanism founded in 2006 working on projects of different scales, with emphasis on the educational, housing and cultural fields.

We believe that architecture is an interdisciplinary field, where multiple teams work together on project design. Our work is very focused on partnerships with architects, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, among others, with the aim of expanding and enriching project horizons.

We seek to always be connected to our community, contributing to relevant debates on the national scene, with participation in competitions and exhibitions. Our work is constantly awarded and published.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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