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‘Eagle Mansion Signature Villa’ in ‘Soul Luxury Beach Resort’ by Emaar Misr at Northern Coast, Egypt

Project name:
Eagle Mansion Signature Villa
Architecture firm:
MASK Architects
Northern Coast, Egypt
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, Rhinoceros 3D, Corona Renderer
Principal architect:
Öznur Pınar Çer, Danilo Petta
Design team:
Öznur Pınar Çer, Danilo Petta
Built area:
2500 m²
Site area:
1500 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
MASK Architects
EMAAR misr, Soul Luxury Beach Resort
In Progress
Residential › Luxury Mansion

MASK Architects: Eagle Mansion Signature Villa consists of three main levels. Public Mansion, Semi-Private Mansion & Main Private Mansion for the Owner.

Eagle Mansion Signature Villa is unique, and the main concept of this villa is that it will be designed to be constructed entirely on an artificial island. The source of inspiration for the Eagle Mansion Signature Villa was the lifestyle of our client. A lifestyle that consists of family, health and fitness, guests, business and social leisure. We have taken all these aspects and implemented them into our design of the Eagle Mansion to create the all-in-one Villa. You will see how we have implemented the clients’ expectations and visions in our Signature Villa.

From the foundation, the artificial island has been created with 5 artificial hills. Surrounded by a 360-degree beach front around the island, with walking and running paths and additional multi-purpose outdoor spaces, event and party areas. This outdoor space can and will be used for exhibition which can be used by common users. It will also host a basement which will be used for back and front of house staff, laundry, storage, technical rooms, equipment housing and underground parking.

The Signature Villa consists of three main levels. Public Mansion, Semi-Private Mansion & Main Private Mansion for the Owner. The whole Villa will be raised above the artificial island to give more privacy from the public grounds and also more security. The three levels of the Signature Villa will be living and workspaces for the Client, their Family, Friends, Guests, and Business associates. The three levels split the Villa in order to create different zones.

The first floor, the Public Mansion is where the Clients' friends, guests and business associates will be housed. On this floor, there will be situated multiple guest rooms and large living accommodations. The open living room will consist of an open kitchen, dining and lounge area. This floor also includes offices, library, meeting rooms and studios. As the client may hold business meetings and gatherings, this will be a perfect place for them to conduct with their business. Winter gardens and outdoor terraces on either side with mini bars for the users to enjoy. We have also taken into account house health and fitness facilities such as gym, sauna, turkish bath. hydro -massage showers, massage rooms, yoga and meditation areas. There will also be space usable for exhibiting the client’s art and collectables. We want to make the clients' guests feel welcomed and comfortable, including their access to facilities and social spaces. There will be a vertical access point from the basement/underground car park to the First Floor. 

The second floor, the Semi-Private Mansion is where the client's family will be situated. Again, it will host living space for the family members with more privacy and more luxury with direct access to the roof pools and infinity pools. The second floor has the uniqueness of having access to the Signature Villas Pools. This floor is split into 2 main pool areas of 2000 square meters of infinity pool. The pools will be one of the main advantages of the Signature Villa resembling luxury and leisure. The pools will also have some bathing decks and mini-islands where the user can have some private and secluded time. Cantilevered Glass & Steel Pool at the end with views will be heated for all season use. We have also designed this floor to be open and have almost a unification between inside and outside. We wanted to create a harmony and endless views using the infinity pools and the endless sight of the ocean. The outdoor living room and terrace will host an outdoor cinema with social circle space for the family members to socialize. This floor will have more outdoor terraces as it will also be accessible by the client to use the pool and sunbathing areas as well as the client’s family and close guests. If the client wishes, they are able to allocate pool sides for family and another side for their close guests to give more privacy. The Second floor is accessible from the ground floor and underground parking, kitchen, and staff area. As the second floor, it is completely safe and private due to the height from the main floor. With perfect views all around, the second floor is more of a social space for both of the users of the second and third floor. 

The third floor which will be only for the client/ owner will be secure and the most private. Access to this floor will only be through the second floor. There will be no direct access from any other floors to the third floor due to security reasons as being one of the main aspects of our Signature Villa. The client is most important to us, and we aim to keep the third floor the most private and secure. The owner's floor will have total luxury and privacy, with its own living area and terrace, living room, dressing space, private terrace, and infinity bathtubs for the owner's luxury. The Signature Villa will also host a helicopter landing pad on its roof for easy access for the client. The third floor will have beautiful 360-degree views of the surrounding area with endless views of the ocean.

Palm trees on the artificial island helps to create a sense of being on a real island. With the island having 360-degree beach fronts, swimming pools and views, it is perfect for leisure and pleasure. With a direct road also connected to the artificial island that will be a key access point to the island via road. There will also be yacht docking areas as well as the helicopter pad for other access points to the island. The main concept of the Signature Villa is to have it floating on the artificial hills, to almost create a sense of floating villa. We aimed to design and create a sleek and flush, fresh looking aesthetically designed Villa. A sense of luxury and combined with practicality with the client's lifestyle. This Signature Villa, built on an artificial island that represents the region's building concept, the villa that consists of ground floor, first floor, second and third floor, towering above and creating a sense of privacy and security for the client. With surrounding beaches, social and event areas, office and communal work areas, our Signature Villas is an all-in-one concept to bring everything together.

By Liliana Alvarez

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