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The Florescence in Guangzhou, China by Karv One Design

Project name:
The Florescence
Interior design:
Karv One Design
Guangzhou, China
Jack Qin, Jimmy He, King Ou
Principal designer:
Kyle Chan
Design team:
Kyle Chan, Jacky Wan, Ally So, Derek Ng, Jimmy Ho, Yujie Peng, Amber Ho, Reeta Wu, Kennys Tseng, Bruce Lee, Samuel Wan, Lou Lu
Built area:
3466 m²
Completion year:
Architecture firm:
Tarrazzo flooring ; Stainless steel ; Grey Marble ; Wood veneer ; Bamboo feature ; Blue fabric ; Lighting consultant
Cultural › Exhibition Hall

Karv One Design: The design started with studying the unique regional cultural memory of Huadiwan followed by extracting and deriving the flower-themed IP for the project.

The extensive use of curved shapes and open-space layout help create a wrap-around space experience. The whole space is shaped like a blooming flower, which is an element featured throughout the design. The large white flower petals in the reception area is the statement piece of the design while other elements such as the themed pendants and the background wall in the sandbox area are different interpretations of the flower theme.

The Florescence in Guangzhou, China by Karv One Design

Seven modules of themed scenes, including floral art, coffee, books, bakery, children and parents, among others, are integrated to offer visitors multiple experience options and create a wholistic atmosphere for living, allowing people to immerse in it and unconsciously con- ceive the real life scenes of the future, and updating people's awareness of the future urban community life.

baking shop counter

The transparent glass curtain walls indicate different themed scenes in the space, exuding artistic appeal, just like theme windows, which not only fulfil the basic commercial functions required by the brand, but also create an innovative theme experience to attract visits from the social media.

exhibition hall interior

lobby sofa and chairs

sitting area in the building entrance

bathroom fixtures exhibition room

curvy corridor

wooden ceiling and walls

Chinese girl walking near bookshop

luxury interior design

bookshop in exhibition hall

exterior garden plant

The Florescence in Guangzhou, China by Karv One Design


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Additional project credits:

FF&E: Nicko Hui, Hannah Shen, Cvin Ho, Lynne Li
Signage Designer: Sushila Law, Cheryl Tam
Theme Analyst: Sophie Shu, Larrissa Yan, Florine Jin

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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