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Hedron Pendant: A 3D-Printed Led Chandelier by Mickus Projects

Product name:
Hedron Pendant
Mickus Projects
Product type:
Lighting / Chandelier
Ben Mickus – ben@mprojects.com – 917-843-2285
Mickus Projects
Decorative Lighting
Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Indoor/Outdoor
Hexagonal polyhedron with tapered cell walls to diffuse light
Ceiling suspended
3d-printed bioplastic (PLA)
18”-38” tall
Translucent white
$4000-8000 USD

Mickus Projects: The Hedron Pendant is a 3d-printed chandelier, delicately wrapped around a rigid stem and LED source. The design of the shade draws inspiration from nature--with a touch of the extraterrestrial, in the hexagonal geometry and bioplastic material used to create it. The fixture uses the least amount of material to create a rigid yet intriguing form. This material efficiency allows the fairly sizable shade (18” to 38” tall) to stay within the 25-lb weight limit for attachment to a standard ceiling junction box.

The shade is a polyhedron armature, with a parametrically designed array of tapered cell walls, precisely angled to bounce light twice from the internal LED source to the perceptible light exiting the fixture. The 3d-printed surfaces have a subtle, striated texture which creates a distinctive gradient of light across each visible surface, and a soft ambient glow all around the fixture. In a geometrical slight-of-hand, it is possible to see into and through the fixture while the LED bulb is concealed from direct view at all angles.

The shade is 100% PLA (Polylactic Acid), a lightweight and stable bioplastic material derived from renewable, organic sources such as corn and sugar. PLA does not contain any fossil fuel or petroleum products. With a translucent white natural color, the fixture has an ethereal quality by day and a uniquely warm quality of light by night. With the optional white ceramic coating, the fixture takes on a more dramatic quality of light, with strong gradients from light to dark across its textured surfaces.

The Hedron Pendant is influenced by the great Danish designer Poul Henningsen, whose timeless light fixture designs were the result of careful analysis of reflection patterns to create soft illumination without glare.  His work informed much of the research in creating this fixture, reinterpreting it through parametric design, cnc-based fabrication methods and renewable materials.

Biophilia meets paranormal in this carefully crafted chandelier, suited for residential, commercial and hospitality environments, with the option of indoor and outdoor installation.

Photography: Ryan Gobuty

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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