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Loft in the Center of Moscow by Rudakova design

The Moscow-based design firm Rudakova design led by Russian interior designer Olga Rudakova has designed a duplex apartment of 200 m² in the old industrial building of Moscow

Project description by the architects:

The object was already attended by metal structures - the skeleton of the second floor. It was impossible to dismantle them, only to modify them. We extended the corridor along the bedroom to the wall with the kitchen. High windows and a large terrace impressed. Since this is the top floor, we were allowed to make a fireplace, bring the chimney to the roof. The client travels a lot, so the space is filled with objects that he personally chose. This painting, and vases and interesting interior details. Initially, the project was done for one person, but later adjustments were made - a children's room was needed. The room was made in place of the guest.

Loft in the Center of Moscow by Rudakova design image © Mikhail Loskutov

Because initially there were no walls, we started from scratch. The premises were formed based on the needs of the client and the existing metal structure. The first floor is 120 square meters with virtually no partitions. Kitchen with an “island” - for cooking and evening gatherings with a glass of wine. The client is well versed in them. The kitchen was ordered, but only partially. Black quartz countertops were ordered separately. Hood - it was assembled and decorated by old metal artists. One segment of the kitchen island was ordered, and the countertop and metal base from third-party contractors. This is basically the idea of ​​the whole project. Everything was going to pieces in order to meet the budget. Many different contractors were involved.

an industrial loft with cozy living room and fireplace located in center of Moscow image © Mikhail Loskutov

The fireplace area first had to be with chairs, so that the firebox could be viewed from the kitchen island. But the client already had a Timothy Oulton sofa, and he was placed there. To the left of the fireplace is a heated onyx shop. We bought a slab for the shower room and there was a good volume for the living room. Piazzetta fireplace with an old clinker brick. He was brought from Rostov. Three cast-iron plates of the 19th century under the firebox cut off the floor from the engineering board. The role of the countertop by the fireplace is performed by the stone, which was bought on the roadside market of the Moscow region. I really wanted to use natural materials with my own unique texture.

high windows let the natural light hits the kitchen hood and dining table image © Mikhail Loskutov

There is an exit from the kitchen area to a huge terrace. TV Zone - sofas and armchairs were planned, but in the process of repairing and purchasing furniture, we decided to place 2 large Smartballs poufs there. Nearby is a small nanny room for children, behind a hidden door for decoration. To penetrate the natural light, made a small window with a stained-glass window. From there, a stormtrooper in a red cloak looks at us.

kitchen with large and high windows image © Mikhail Loskutov

Radiators painted in graphite; windowsills made of black marble with a matte finish. The entrance hall is not separated by a partition, it is also an open space. In the hanger’s area there are panels of aged and processed boards. Also, old shutters that hide the electric shield. Vintage pens for them were bought by the client himself. A bench was made of an old beam so that you could put a bag and change shoes.

metal staircase connecting the two floors in the duple apartment image © Mikhail Loskutov

Behind the accent wall, covered with decorative plaster, there are three rooms: a dressing room, a pantry, a guest bathroom and a laundry room. In the laundry column from the dryer and washing machine, as well as a large drying cabinet. The guest bathroom has a wooden countertop on a cast-iron foot. The shell is made of petrified wood, so they provided such a powerful base. Such shells are very heavy.

modern metal structure staircase image © Mikhail Loskutov

On the second floor, the premises were formed based on the existing metal structure. Each bedroom has a dressing room and a bathroom. And a long corridor connecting them. The bed in the master bedroom is made of old pallets that have gained a second life. The figure of a black man is a kind of temporary wow factor for this room.

double volume roof image © Mikhail Loskutov

The main bathroom is decorated with moisture-resistant plaster, similar to tadelakt. Including the ceiling. The edges of the cabinet under the sink were made rounded to create the effect of a dabber. The project was developed for one person. During the construction process, the guest room turned into a nursery. Therefore, one idea smoothly replaced another.

wooden washing basin in bathroom image © Mikhail Loskutov

I especially like the kitchen hood finish solution. Artists made the mold and decorated it with old metal. Inside a real hood, of course.

metallic kitchen hood design image © Mikhail Loskutov

In the nursery, we took the Karman sconce as an interesting and memorable element and pink Petite Friture snout chair - Daisy.

We searched for interesting things and thought how we can use them in our space. So, there was a cabinet under the sink in the guest bathroom. The countertop was changed, and a small shell made of petrified wood was placed on it. They planned a ceramic, but ... it was love at first sight.

The main bathroom is decorated with moisture-resistant plaster, similar to tadelakt. Including the ceiling. The edges of the cabinet under the sink were made rounded to create the effect of a dabber. An onyx shower is dimmed and changes the light intensity. This was perhaps the most complex technological solution at the facility. This is the most non-standard project in my practice. There were a large number of related firms involved. A lot of "self-made", like a pendant lamp over the dining table. It consists of a beam and two suspensions. Hand made in every sense. But this is exactly what the client wanted.

Loft in the Center of Moscow by Rudakova design image © Mikhail Loskutov

fireplace made with bricks image © Mikhail Loskutov

Russian blonde girl standing by fireplace image © Mikhail Loskutov

beautiful blonde Russian girl standing by fireplace in cozy living room image © Mikhail Loskutov

cozy fireplace in an industrial loft apartment image © Mikhail Loskutov

fireplace design image © Mikhail Loskutov

Loft in the Center of Moscow by Rudakova design image © Mikhail Loskutov

metallic wall design and sofas image © Mikhail Loskutov

wooden wall and hangers for the clothes image © Mikhail Loskutov

wooden material used on the wall image © Mikhail Loskutov

bedroom design image © Mikhail Loskutov

a black sculpture in the bedroom image © Mikhail Loskutov

master bedroom image © Mikhail Loskutov

master bedroom with large windows image © Mikhail Loskutov

bedroom design image © Mikhail Loskutov

cradle for the baby image © Mikhail Loskutov

kid's room image © Mikhail Loskutov

bathroom image © Mikhail Loskutov

washing basin and mirror image © Mikhail Loskutov

shower image © Mikhail Loskutov


Project name: Loft in the Center of Moscow

Architecture firm: Rudakova design 

Design and drawings: Olga Rudakova

Location:  Moscow, Russia

Year: 2018 

Area: 200 m² (120 m² First floor, 80 m² Second floor)

Total room height: 5830 mm

Stylist: Julia Chebotar

Photographer: Mikhail Loskutov

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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