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Carmen House in Alicante, Spain by Carles Faus Arquitectura

Project name:
Carmen House
Architecture firm:
Carles Faus Arquitectura
Dénia, Alicante, Spain
Mariela Apollonio
Principal architect:
Carles Faus Borràs
Design team:
Anaís Penáguila, María Aloy
Interior design:
Built area:
189.65 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Residential › House

Designed by València-based architecture and design studio Carles Faus Arquitectura, Carmen House situated in Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Architect's statement: The design of the housing is born focusing on the style of the Ibizan country house, simple clear lines, controlled light and the white colour as starting stroke. The house is dampened by the light of the city of Dénia, located in an environment in which the accent has to be placed only inside, having to divert attention from what surrounds it. When projecting, a rectilinear formality has been followed, without too many deviations from the plans that make up the main axes of the house

A design, where the location of spaces is given, mainly, by the path of light throughout the day. Upon entering, the house receives us with a large opening overlooking to the pool, in the foreground, and towards the Dénia castle on a more diffuse plane. 

This large opening, with the ability to blur, once opened, the interior-exterior relationship, is framed by a porch of the same dimensions, which mitigates the entry of the Sun in the hottest months of the year, favouring on this way the staying in the same. 

White House with cactus plant in Spain image © Mariela Apollonio 

The access to the interior of the house has been generated through a side access, located on the north facade. This access is accompanied by a large opening, which frames us the views from the kitchen and dining area, increasing the relationship between both spaces, housing a small green line of the outside garden inside the main room.

The entrance opens the space to the main nucleus, a double height space that allows us to break with the exterior continuity. The day zone is delimited by the space with the largest volume and the large opening to which the porch of the main façade precedes. From this space the rest of the pieces of the house are fed, locating, on a very discreet plane, the nucleus of vertical communication. 

White as the main subject. This has been the premise that we have followed from beginning to end. White as a generator and driver of light. Black shadows faded by its white background. A white lime, in its exterior vertical faces, that when reaching its base follows the same traceability and linearity when using the white microsegment as continuity. The project base could be translated as a large white canvas that has been provided with different white pigments to make up all the spaces.

White House with pool image © Mariela Apollonio 

swimming pool image © Mariela Apollonio

outdoor shower image © Mariela Apollonio

living room with opened slide door image © Mariela Apollonio

a big green cactus at the house garden image © Mariela Apollonio

living room with white sofa and fireplace image © Mariela Apollonio

modern white kitchen image © Mariela Apollonio

white living space with double volume ceiling image © Mariela Apollonio

wall with white cement image © Mariela Apollonio

White House with palm trees image © Mariela Apollonio

living room with big windows let the sunlight enters the room image © Mariela Apollonio

gravel and wood in the garden image © Mariela Apollonio

wood for fireplace image © Mariela Apollonio

wooden bench image © Mariela Apollonio

beautiful girl with red dress on the chair image © Mariela Apollonio

fan hanged over the wooden bench image © Mariela Apollonio

Carmen House in Alicante, Spain by Carles Faus Arquitecturaimage © Mariela Apollonio

empty white room image © Mariela Apollonio

cactus inside the room image © Mariela Apollonio

white door image © Mariela Apollonio

red dress woman on stairs image © Mariela Apollonio

staircase handrail image © Mariela Apollonio

bedroom image © Mariela Apollonio

girl with long hair and red dress lying down on floor image © Mariela Apollonio

house with illumination at night image © Mariela Apollonio

Carmen House in Alicante, Spain by Carles Faus Arquitecturaimage © Mariela Apollonio

house with illumination and pool at night image © Mariela Apollonio

illuminated house at night image © Mariela Apollonio

Ground Floor PlanGround Floor Plan

First Floor PlanFirst Floor Plan

Site Floor PlanPlot Floor Plan

Elevations Elevations 




1. Parex Group / Cotegram Cal Liso / Cladding Facades

2. Porcelanosa / Matte white microcement / Exterior and interior pavement plus interior vertical coverings.

3. Mosaico Piu / Gresite white pool

4. Porcelanosa Kitchen model Residence matte white color

5. Arkos light / Housing lighting model Swap, Gap, Puck y Hubble

6. Porcelanosa / Krion / Kitchen island.

7. Cortizo / Aluminum carpentry model Cor Vision

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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Michael Samstag -
This is the perfect house for me. Taste all over. Perfect shape and great design. Lighting is extra. Would love to buy this design masterpiece.

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