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Hotel Pátio Do Tijolo Opens Its Doors In Portugal, Offering A Blend Of Authentic Lisbon Tradition With A Serene, Contemporary Style

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Pátio Do Tijolo
Courtesy of Pátio do Tijolo

A large courtyard filled with lush vegetation, relaxed multipurpose common spaces and striking views of the Tagus river are just some of the charms of this new boutique hotel in the city of Lisbon.

Strategically located between the bohemian district of Bairro Alto—with its countless bars and inviting local music spots—and the Príncipe Real neighborhood—with a more authentic and residential atmosphere—we find the new hotel Pátio do Tijolo, a discreet space for gatherings and relaxation in the heart of Lisbon.

Pátio do Tijolo is a 24-room boutique hotel where the clean, minimalist style offers a calm refuge for today’s travelers. The design is centered around its shared spaces, including the plant-filled courtyard, kitchen and Loureiro salon, while opening up to the exterior, fostering interaction, the trading of ideas and experiences.

Drawing on the “slow life” concept, the project promotes a style of living that is slowed down and contemplative, while respecting the traditional values of each space, such as the preference for natural products and the awareness of our surroundings, expressed through the sustainable construction processes employed, together with a design that blends into the surrounding architectural heritage.

The warm tones of Lisbon’s limestone were selected for the building exterior, while the flooring recalls the pinkish hues of Lioz marble. The most visible side of this new enclosure, reached via a passage that feels almost secret, is inspired by local Pombaline façades of the 18th century, with a metal structure and slender columns, forming a wall of continuous balconies that resemble a belvedere. A design that not only respects the historical context in which it is situated, but also extends to the sober and serene interiors.

Created by the Spanish interior designer Natalia Tubella and the team led by Carina Seelig, from the Lisbon-based architecture studio Base Geométrica, the public areas offer a perfect spot to relax, read, work or enjoy the simple pleasures of the local cuisine, such as a careful selection of cheese and meats, pasteis de nata, or refreshing drinks available at any time of day.

Each space has been planned to bring together good design and the welcoming, functional character of a modern guesthouse. Diaphanous atmospheres, neutral colors and natural materials coexist with contemporary design classics such as lighting by Spanish firms Santa&Cole and Marset, handmade Portuguese ceramics and textiles in organic fibers, and contemporary photography by local artists. The three floors of the hotel also showcase design from Barcelona. “Portugal is Lusitania, the country of light. We have sought to take something of the light of Barcelona there with lamps and other items, created in the city I am from and where I live”, explains the designer Natalia Tubella. The guesthouse concept is extended to the library in the lounge, which is expanding with new titles on Portuguese history, culture, and poetry.

The private spaces retain this comfortable balance, with rooms that offer pale woods, serene hues and soft fabrics. The bedrooms—available in different sizes and layouts—offer large windows and balconies with views over the Tagus river and the iconic red 25 de Abril bridge.

The landscape designer Elena Somalo combined tropical species with plant types from Central Europe. This fusion offers a broad range of volumes, forms and textures, which contrast with the dominant transparency and color palette. Acacias, jacarandas, lemon and pomegranate trees grow in harmony with agapanthus, palms and bird of paradise flowers, evoking the evergreen and lush planting of local interior courtyards. In addition, dozens of native species of trees were planted, providing the neighborhood with a space of biodiversity and contributing to the ecological development of the community.

Care for the environment is also a consideration in the “zero-kilometer” kitchen at Pátio do Tijolo, where the traceability of each ingredient is a fundamental value, and where the goal is to celebrate the quality of traditional and seasonal products, provided by small local companies and cooperatives, reinforcing the commitment to support fair trade and the development of producers.

At Pátio do Tijolo the welcoming, personal touch of a guesthouse comes together with the attentive quality of service of a luxury hotel, with highly dedicated staff who invite visitors to become part of Lisbon’s urban life, from the shelter of this beautiful and well-kept courtyard.


The hotel Pátio do Tijolo was opened in 2023 Spanish interior designer Natalia Tubella and the team led by Portuguese architect Carina Seelig, who together chose an image that merges Lisbon’s traditions with contemporary design, creating serene, outward-looking spaces where care has been taken with every detail.

Each element of the spaces designed by Tubella and Seelig for Pátio do Tijolo conveys their concern for delivering warmth and well-being to today’s travelers, with a work philosophy committed to sustainability and a quality of service to meet the needs of the present day.

By Liliana Alvarez

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