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The Aficionados Invites To Enjoy The Essence Of The Mediterranean With Unwaxed Lemons

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The Aficionados
Courtesy of The Aficionados

In tucked-away, quiet locations, this exclusive selection of private villas and boutique hotels offers authentically local experiences.

The Mediterranean Sea evokes endless days of sunshine, deep blue waters, and cool nights accompanied by wine. Unwaxed Lemons, an exclusive selection of unique accommodations by THE AFICIONADOS, invites you to immerse yourself in the essence of this European region, blending rich culture, a joyful way of life, and landscapes of unparalleled beauty.

Waking up among trees in the peaceful Tuscan countryside or enjoying a memorable stroll through its vineyards are just some of the experiences Unwaxed Lemons offer. Each property has its own personality, highlighting a passion for hospitality, authenticity, and craftsmanship in every aspect of its architecture and interior design.


Nestled in the heart of Tuscany’s Pienza in Val d’Orcia, La Bandita Townhouse exudes boutique charm within the Renaissance charm of its surroundings. Formerly a convent, the hotel seamlessly blends historic exteriors with modern interiors, offering bright, airy rooms adorned with intricate yet simple decor, including signature lemon accents. The in-house restaurant serves Tuscan delights amidst courtyard gardens and a terrace perfect for evening drinks. La Bandita Townhouse captures the essence of Pienza with imaginative flair and passion for boutique hospitality.


Mas de Torrent, a luxury hotel nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Costa Brava, epitomizes tranquility and elegance amidst acres of farming lands, vineyards, and the stunning Mediterranean coastline. Situated in the off-radar enclave of Ampurdán/L’Empordà, close to Girona and an hour’s drive from Barcelona, this hidden gem offers relaxation, nature, and renowned dining experiences. The hotel’s Mediterranean gardens, adorned with lemon trees and olive groves, complement its white low-rise suite pavilions and renowned restaurant helmed by chef Ramón Freixa. Interior designer Pilar García-Nieto has infused the property with subtle luxury and heritage, reflecting the region’s rustic charm. Contemporary suites and private villas offer a serene retreat, while Chef Ramón Freixa’s innovative cuisine celebrates Catalonia’s flavors. Mas de Torrent embodies an authentic blend of modern luxury, rural heritage, and artistic pleasure, making it a coveted destination for discerning travelers seeking the epitome of Catalan charm and relaxation.


Monteverdi in Tuscany is a restoration and salvage project spanning 14 years, transforming the dilapidated medieval hamlet of Castiglioncello del Trinoro into a commune of bold rural architecture. Guided by the vision and passion of founder and philanthropist Michael Cioffi, Monteverdi epitomizes effortless Italian charm, rustic connection to the land, and steadfast commitment to restoration. This astonishing recreation, forged with salvaged materials and ancestral techniques, pays homage to its past while embracing modern design. Ilaria Miani, alongside principal architect Ernesto Bartolini, worked tirelessly to achieve an honest and pure reconstruction. Monteverdi is a hilltop sanctuary, a heritage haven where the ancient and the modern merge in a captivating design narrative.


Casa Baranku, a private farmhouse nestled in Tarragona’s tranquil countryside, offers a seamlessly designed retreat for those seeking rustic charm and serene seclusion. This 18th-century eco-finca boasts thick walls, deep windows, and terracotta tiles, exuding timeless elegance and sustainability. Surrounded by olive groves and ancient stone walls, the casa embraces Catalan country life while harmonizing with nature’s elements. Inside, a minimalist aesthetic of wooden beams, stone walls, and earthy tones creates a serene ambiance, complemented by thoughtful furnishings and rustic accents. With off-grid living and immersion in traditional farming techniques, Casa Baranku epitomizes sustainable simplicity without compromising comfort, inviting guests to unwind and reconnect with nature in this idyllic haven.

About The Aficionados

Founded by Iain Ainsworth, THE AFICIONADOS is a travel resource for those seeking fabulous recommendations and accommodation that effortlessly fuses luxury, design and authenticity. It comprises over 90 hotels, designer homes for private hire and guesthouses, from all across Europe and a fabulous outpost in New York, the United States, together with a selection of over 100 creatives who round out the offer of this culture and lifestyle emporium for travel and good living. The Aficionados also publishes five printed magazines: Blueprint Beauts, Farmhouse Fabulous, Casa Gorgeous, Neu Heritage, and Alchemists of Italy.

By Liliana Alvarez

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