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The Sao paulo-based architectural office Metro Arquitetos has designed "LP House" a single family home that located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Project description by the architects: The house consists of two stacked volumes. The larger ground floor volume embraces the domestic program, and the upp...
The Tehran based architecture design and construction office BeraNia Office has designed "Kelar Abad Villa" that located in Kelar Abad, Mazandaran, Iran. Project description by the architects: In the past in moderate and humid climate one of the most important strategies to design the building...
The Vinh Yen-based architectural firm Nguyễn Hiếu Arc has designed Sunny flowers house a single family house that located in Vĩnh Yên, Vĩnh Phúc, Vietnam.  Project description by the architect: With rustic materials and pure architectural style, Sunflowers like to bring us back to childhood. T...
The young filmmaker Zach Both and his girlfriend have recently built a modern yurt just outside of Portland, Oregon, United States. Last fall, after traveling North America in a self-built campervan for almost four years, my girlfriend and I retired this nomadic lifestyle for life in a yurt on an island just outside of Portland, OR.
Project name
Brilliant modern yurt
Architecture firm
Zach Both
Portland, Oregon, United States
Bryan Aulick
The São Paulo-based architectural studio OBRA Arquitetos has designed LEnS house a single family house that located in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil.  Project description by the architect: House built for a couple with the idea of providing a contemplative and reflective space. This t...