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Pla 2: A Private Floating Resort in Si Sawat, Thailand by Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd.

Project name:
Pla 2
Architecture firm:
Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd.
Si Sawat, Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Beer Singnoi
Principal architect:
Sarawoot Jansaeng-Aram
Design team:
Sarawoot Jansaeng-Aram, Nitaya Mokharat, Paly Poopradit, Suchin Thongmorn, Sahraw Rahamadprasert, Jagkree Phetphosree and Satit Khotchanan
Built area:
253 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
: Nattaporn Sirisom and Thanakorn Kajornchaiya
Civil engineer:
Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd.
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
C&P lighting design
Ten design and Construction
Shingle roof, Japanese pipe wood burn
Tools used:
utoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, V-ray
$ 239,736
Aquasa Platwo.co.,Ltd
Hospitality › Floating Resort

Dersyn Studio: Pla2 project starting from the Z9 resort, has been very successful, starting with the Z9 success project and having a Passive Activity activities design, Pla 2 project is a Passive Activity + Private = Active Activity + Group planning. Design studied the context of the location. In conclusion, the raft is made. The raft is usually in the form of recreation + karaoke + water rafting.

Adjusted to accept the same group of customers who want to get a raft + Group Private = Special. Born to be a Special Activity by using part of the facility from Z9, such as Supply food & Beverage and accommodation on the Z9 raft, in some cases the party.

Special Activity consists of Fine dining or Chef' table selected (choose type) , Karaoke, party, either in a group pool, swimming in the pool or playing in the dam area or soaking in the Jacuzzi tub (both Morning, day and night that can watch the stars) have nostalgia (a bit back to the age, media with Concept when making Z9) with sliders, sloped stargazing beds, couples holding hands, sipping wine and sleeping under the stars. There will be a movie screen in the future. That you can watch movies and do activities. There are a net seat and jet ski. In the bedroom is a group bed and mezzanine floor.

image © Beer Singnoi

Concept Design from Raft and SWOP PASSIVE equal ACTIVE

Active include dynamic, moving, energy, vitality, Dam fish, giant snake-heas fish that are related between male and female swimming in the dam. The building lines are adjusted from the rounded curves of the Z9 two straight lines that are dynamic, not resisting the wind (Polygon flip) and by the nature of the fish - males are smaller in size, fresher in color - females are larger. Characteristics of the fish when swimming together. It is a characteristic of SPACE that has a continuous interconnection of plane to flow continuously, both internally and externally. Inside, there is an inner aspect of the fish that represents with things that are dynamic in the water, so we think of submarines. Inside the engine there is a reasonable feeling of driving. So that for design it by mixing with organic and mechanic together, so there's a fun space from the entrance hall. That can be accessed from 2 sides. The side that enters from the bottom of the fish has dramatic from space at the line and light. Different during the day, at night, the rooms are separated as if they were inside the fish. There is a male, female fish and internal elements by using a plane that looks like the organs of PLA2+MACHINE.

On the surface of the material we should from context and usage conditions. We use wood as the main material. Steel with lightweight. On the other side is a shingle roof, a shape that looks like lightweight, as you can see that metal is inserted to show the machine (Submachine) out of the gill-like area. By selected color We want to feel like a freshwater fish. Therefore, it is blue as in the picture, using steel plate, give a feeling of having the element of organic in the fish in the gill area. There will be a channel that we open to the effect of light in the evening at night. And the front area uses rust-etched steel to show the truth of the material. This color was chosen because it has a red texture that gives the fill of the gills when the mouth is opened.

image © Beer Singnoi

The main structure will be a balloon frame to make the construction more dispersed and lighter in weight. The SAT tank system is a closed system and a water tank is installed for use in the design.

Electricity system if near the shore and a generator system in case of dragging far to the shore.

For interior there is lighting effect that has changed from light activities to activities that have a lot of activity, such as dancing. Inside the raft, there is a corner to talk. In many areas In the case of wanting to reduce the surrounding sound Or the romantic space in the room, there is a design space that can be enjoyed together. With the continuation of Space inside out transfer from the front There will be a tugboat from Z9 to deliver to the pier.

Based on the design criteria, material selections and construction techniques, the owner and the designer believe that Pla2 project will offer new destination with eye-catching architectural design outcomes.


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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