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Zhongmeishan self-service BBQ PLUS, Beijing, China by FUNUN LAB

Project name:
Zhongmeishan self-service BBQ PLUS
Architecture firm:
Beijing Linao CITY PARK Shopping Center, China
Song Yuming
Principal architect:
Fan Jie
Design team:
Liu Zhaoping ,Liu Najun
Interior design:
Built area:
1039 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Hospitality › Restaurant

FUNUN LAB|Reshape Zhongmeishan

Zhongmeishan, originating from Wudaokou in Beijing, has opened its first upgraded brand store in Olympic North, which is a high-end living area in Beijing. In order to meet the needs of the high-end customer group in this area,the brand invited FUNUN LAB, an interior design brand which has been deeply involved in the catering space in Beijing for many years, to design its first branch. FUNUN LAB analyzed the users near the site and conducted a deep research of the space design. They decided to break the monotony of the square space by incorporating blocks so there are more details and readability from the match between light and shadow.

Shape of Clouds and Mountains

A white staircase that soars upward becomes the visual focal point in this regular space. Its freely flowing curves resembling a continuous mountain range,which softens the space's linear construction and also echoes the brand concept.The sculpture-like staircase not only enhances the aesthetics of the space, but also provides the space with clear and bright flow lines. The clear and reasonable line design that links up various corners of the space provides detailed guidance for meal-taking paths.

Reshaping Relationships

Behind the category is the cuisine itself, while behind the brand is humane care. Interactivity is an important part of modern restaurant brand management. Therefore, the designer has particularly set up an interactive area on the first floor of the space, reconstructing the relationship between the space and the diners, enriching the dining experience, and stimulating the diverse sensual pleasures of enjoying delicious food.When you are standing on the first floor and looking far into the distance, a transparent private room shows up on the other side of the mountain, creating a reminiscent scene described in the poem, “As you are enjoying the scenery on a bridge, upstairs on a tower people are watching you.”

Light and Shadow Construction

The dining tables on the first floor are arranged in a staggered manner in the open space, making good use of light and shadow to create different atmospheres for different functional areas, achieving a balance between space utilization and dining experience. The staircase that connects the first and second floors is embedded with backlight to soften the toughness of the space. All the lines are arranged freely and in a whole depict a balance between rigidity and softness, light and dark, square and flowing lines, bringing a dynamic energy to the grand dining space.The design and lighting on the second floor are more private, creating an ideal atmosphere for intimate conversations over a drink. Private rooms are  suitable for small gatherings, banquets, and team building activities with friends, greatly enriching the possible functions of the restaurant.Aesthetic creativity ignites commercial logic. FUNUN LAB deduces the operation of commercial space from the perspective of the client. By using the technique of macro shaping and micro interpretation, an exquisite feeling was integrated into the whole space that is full of strength and roughness. It interprets the modern inspiration of cuisine and environment, making the grand space lively, interesting, and everywhere is fully functioned. It naturally helps the brand achieve the core upgrade of vision and category.Cuisine and environment, freedom and high-end feeling, aesthetics and commercial logic are not in the opposite positions. FUNUN LAB will continue to reshape the design of commercial space to enable more possible functions in the space.


Fan Jie

Founder of FUNUN LAB

With a conceptualized design thinking of "deconstructing form" and a different perspective on the commercial value of space. Fan Jie seamlessly integrates aesthetics, business, culture, design, and spatial logic, employing systematic scene experiences to generate innovative design concepts. In recent years, he has won several international awards and honors, and received media coverage for FUNUN LAB's works both domestically and internationally. He can accurately and experimentally convey brand personality and achieve a deep integration between space design, brand, content design, and people while embracing diversity.

Throughout his career, Mr. Fan Jie has been committed to design quality while continuously studying various materials, structures, and details. He aims to ground his work in the contemporary context and constantly explores the close connection between design, history, culture, and humanity in a youthful and vibrant manner.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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