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The Infinity Tower in Hong Kong by DNA Barcelona Architects

DNA Barcelona Architects unveils the infinity tower, Hong Kong, inspired by a symbolic representation of Deoxyribonucleic acid, (DNA), the blueprint of life.

DNA is a double-helix molecule, and its distinctive shape is often described as a twisted ladder. The tower has an organic and fluid shape and all this form turns on the central axis.

The Infinity Tower in Hong Kong by DNA Barcelona Architectsimage © DNA Barcelona Architects

The project includes environmental implementation of greenery on the balconies, thus allowing the interaction between Nature & Human through innovative systems, offering private gardens with unrestricted views. Contributing to the usage of new sustainable energies this green tower, a mixed-use high-rise building, provides exclusive working offices where the integration of Nature enables a healthier and emotional work environment, giving the opportunity to enjoy the exterior areas in contact with the city. Representing a new eco-way of life, the Infinity Tower increases the quality in the respect of the environment.

a green mixed use tower with shape of DNA surrounded by green landscape image © DNA Barcelona Architects

The project aims to become a new Icon of the Hong Kong’s skyline placing great emphasis on sustainability and encouraging the green design.


green spiral tower in shape of DNA image © DNA Barcelona Architects

skyscraper in Hong Kong with sunset view toward sea image © DNA Barcelona Architects

architectural diagram for green tower image © DNA Barcelona Architects

architectural drawing plans image © DNA Barcelona Architects


Project name: The Infinity Tower, Hong Kong

Architecture firm: DNA Barcelona Architects

Location: Hong Kong

Design team: Aryanour Djalali

Design Year: 2019

Project Status: Design 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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