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SketchUp: Creating Complex Islamic Geometry with Ali Goshtasbi Rad

No one wants to waste time learning complicated computer programs. SketchUp is hands-down the most intuitive, not to mention powerful, easy-to-learn 3D drawing tool on the planet. If you want to be productive within a couple of hours, you’ve come to the right place.

Ali Goshtasbi Rad is a designer, architect, university lecturer, and SketchUp whiz. This week on SketchUp program Ali shares the details of how creating complex geometries and 3D modeling forms using SketchUp:

Islamic Pattern Procedure

This way of creating complex Islamic geometry is done through simple transformations of an spiral. This spiral is constructed by utilizing musical proportions, namely the fourth and the fifth interval of a Major scale.

key modeling tools: "rotate and polar array"

Pavillion Waffle

3D modeling a waffle framed pavillion by using Sketchup and Curviloft plugin. This process is done by subtracting a cylinder type shape from a box.

key modeling tools: "Solid Tools"

Organic Tower

3D modeling DFA Studio 's conceptual proposal, a series of latticed apartment towers, for Manhattan's Pier 40, which would be able to remain above water in the event of rising sea levels, by using sketchup and Profile Builder plugin.

key modeling tools: "Profile Builder" and "Follow me"

Calatrava Bridge

3D modeling Santiago Calatrava 's Peace Bridge by using Sketchup and "joint push pull" plugin.

key modeling tools: "Component" and "joint push pull"

Curved Roof

3D modeling pavilion situated in Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, designed by US architects Studio Gang, by using Sketchup and Shape Bender plugin.

key modeling tools: "shape Bender" and "arc"


3d modeling Chris Precht - Penda design, a residential tower in Tel Aviv, with facades made of modular archways and terraces, by using Sketchup and no plugins. Component in Sketchup is a great advantage of creating modular forms.

key modeling tools: "Components", "Solid Tools" and "flip along"

Tetra Hotel

3D modeling Hotel of concrete pods proposed by WSP global for remote locations, by sketchup sometimes simple forms like a box can be transformed into a complex modular geometric architecture.

key modleing tools: "Components", "Rotate" and "Profile Builder"

Heatherwick's Studio

3D modeling Heatherwick Studio 's art museum located in South Africa, the biggest and most important exhibition space for african art, by using sketchup
This process is done by subtracting a deformed sphere from several cylinders.
key modeling tools: "Solid Tools"

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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