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TRANS-Nature, Mount Etna, Italy by Zhiyi Zhang

Zhiyi Zhang
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Hani Rashid
Tools used:
Rhinoceros 3D, SubD, Unreal Engine, Hodini, Adobe Photoshop
Project name:
Thesis Project
Design year:
Mount Etna, Italy
Built area:
5 km²
Site area:
38 km²
Concept Design
Terraforming Architecture

Zhiyi Zhang: If natural occurrences can easily change our world, how should we control them?

Italy's mount etna volcano, one of the world's most dangerous active volcanoes, has erupted countless times and people's lives have been affected by it. But it contains unique geothermal energy and mineral resources that we humans need in particular.

By collecting rainwater and injecting it into the volcano, we passively release its pressure, and then convert the energy released into electricity, so that the volcano does not reach the state of eruption. The released lava will flow down the trench and cool to shape the new natural landscape, and we will use mechanical instrument to extract mineral resources from the solidified lava, The process of reshaping nature for processing and reuse.

By Liliana Alvarez

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