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Workspace 2070: A glimpse into the future of workplace architecture by Asif Hasan Zeshan

Asif Hasan Zeshan
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology
Professor Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed & Ar. Maherul Kader Prince
Tools used:
Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop & V-Ray for Rhino
Project name:
Workspace 2070: A glimpse into the future of workplace architecture
Level 5 Term 2
Design year:
Agargon, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Built area:
3 Acres (NET)
Site area:
5.8 Acres
Studio completed & Awarded by IAB
Futuristic Architecture, City of the future, Conceptual

“Work” is changing its character every day with the ever-present processes of development of technology and evolving lifestyle. This change has triggered a question of validity against the architectural language practiced as “office architecture.” The rise of remote working and portable technology will inevitably change the workspace typology in the future—the project aimed to capture a glimpse of this future from an architectural point of view.

With the study of established theories and analyzing almost current technological advancements, a scenario of 2070 was projected to pose a design problem. A 2070 projection of building typology, municipal codes, and regulations were set, and the futuristic material study was also explored to design a co-working space. A modular and mobile home office plugin (pHIVE) and a suitable public transport system (Tubular pathway) complement the co-working system. This system is projected to eradicate the urban zoning based on “work” and create hybrid residential areas with a co-working eco campus as the center of living carrying all necessary amenities.

future city rendering view image © Asif Hasan Zeshan 

The final challenge was integrating the whole system into the city’s working network, transport system, and daily life tendencies and necessities. In this stage, projected technologies of 2070 like self-functioning Building AI management system, drone-based delivery system, or hyperloop transport modules are plugged in with the design as essential elements of the city system. The outcome is a fully integrated working system with every person’s lifestyle inspired by the future but does not entirely give up on the present life habits. When the working system becomes a part of life, it inspires everyone to do what they love and encourages them to do more.

parametric towers 3d model image © Asif Hasan Zeshan 

high-rise towers image © Asif Hasan Zeshan 

3d rendering model image © Asif Hasan Zeshan 

street view image © Asif Hasan Zeshan 

future city 3d model image © Asif Hasan Zeshan 

Formation of Capsule pHIVEFormation of capsule pHIVE

Details of pHIVEDetails of pHIVE

Integration of pHIVE with homes Integration of pHIVE with homes 

Simulations to generate ECO campus Simulations to generate ECO campus 

Concept generation Concept generation 

Masterplan of ECO campus Masterplan of ECO campus 

Utility tower drawing Utility tower 

Spatial design drawing Spatial design

Hyperloop system Hyperloop system 

Overall masterplan drawing Overall masterplan

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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