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This is the FIRST EVER talent fair for Egyptian Graduation Projects. The fair aims to showcase innovative and creative ideas, connect participants with the design industry and provide valuable exposure and experience.
We Are Desco
Architecture, Interior Design, Ideas – Talent Fair
Egyptian Graduation Architects
The Main idea of choosing this type of projects ‘Transportation Hub’ is due to the need of solving a functional and social problem which is lack of transportation and crowdness on the ring road of el marg in cairo ‘egypt’.
Muhhamed Hesham Abdelraouf
Helwan University “Mataria Branch”
Ahmed Halim, T.A. Mohamed Alaa
Tools used
SketchUp, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Best 30 projects have been selected in a unique project that combines education and competition, designing a socially and environmentally sustainable Year-round holiday resort of the 21st century in Croatia. Croatia competition is a part of the 8th Annual Inspireli Awards, the largest student competition in architecture in the world.
Written by
Mariana Vahalova
Project Croatian Interlace x Miris Garden by Shivam Takulia, Anya Ghosh, Saanchi Rajpoot