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Modern cities in the 21st century are actively developing due to the emergence of new technologies, as well as the urgent needs of residents. Lighting is also undergoing changes that make the use of the city more comfortable, safer, and more enjoyable.
Written by
Yulia Lyubakova (Lighting designer at QPRO engineering company)
© Triumphal square: Architect: Buromoscow / Lighting design: QPRO/ Photo: Dmitry Chebanenko
AECOM, METROPOLIS: AFI2B is the only A+ class business center located in the center of Moscow, next to Belorussky railway station. BC AFI2B is the flagship project of development  company AFI Development which built business centers, 5* hotels and buildings in Europe, USA and Israel.The building was designed in accordance with the requirements of...
Project name
Business Center AFI2B Class A+
Architecture firm
2nd Brestskaya st., 48, Moscow, Russia
Marika Volkova
Lighting design is the tool that can help to create a new aesthetically attractive, functional, and energy-efficient structures. The possibility of using different artistic techniques for facade lighting brings lighting design to a new level, when architecture communicates with the viewer through light using modern technologies.
Written by
Roman Ammosov, Marika Volkova (QPRO)
Corné Clemens