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The wine glasses move to clink and then merge into one. This is the inspiration for the design of the Napa 1 wine pavilion. The resulting structure hovers over the vineyard like an airstream and invites every wine lover to a wine tasting.
Project name
Wine Pavilion Napa 1
Architecture firm
Peter Stasek Architects - Corporate Architecture
Napa Valley, USA
Tools used
ArchiCAD, Grasshopper, Rhinoceros 3D, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop
The pavilions are a series of independent 250-square-foot structures, each of the three pavilions is designed to provide an immersive, privately hosted wine-tasting experience in the landscape. As modest additions to an established 280-acre winery estate in Napa Valley, each pavilion reflects the founder’s desire for architecture that will harmoniz...
Project name
Quintessa Pavilions
Architecture firm
Walker Warner Architects
Napa Valley, California, USA
Matthew Millman