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A house for mother and child growth journey by Mahdiye Amiri

Project name:
A house for mother and child growth journey
Architecture firm:
Mahdiye Amiri
Everywhere there is mother and child love to grow
Tools used:
Midjourney, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Mahdiye Amiri
Design team:
Mahdiye Amiri
Built area:
300 m2
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Mahdiye Amiri
Concept - Design
Educational Architecture › Kindergarten

Mahdiye Amiri: Nestled within a charming neighborhood is a small house designed to redefine the essence of home for mothers balancing work and studying and childcare. The architectural inspiration springs from of children's paintings about house, transforming the structure into a living embodiment of warmth and familiarity. Two simple forms embraced, symbolizing the symbiotic growth of mother and child, forging an inseparable connection.

imbues the small house with a sense of home that goes beyond mere structure. This playful approach enhances the familial atmosphere, creating a space where mothers find comfort in proximity to their children.

also there is an small yard in the back of building, the children engage in planting activities, fostering a connection with nature. The fragrant blossoms and laughter that emanate from this green space create an environment that nurtures growth, both botanical and familial.

Inside, a restaurant beckons mothers and children to share meals in a communal setting, reinforcing the sense of family. Adjacent to it, a nap room provides a tranquil retreat for the little ones to rest, while an art class area becomes a playground for creativity, adorning the walls with the colorful expressions of young minds.The overall design adheres to minimalism, ensuring a clean and uncluttered space that allows the vibrant forms and the shared journey of growth between mother and child to take center stage. In this thoughtfully crafted haven, the small house becomes a haven where work and play coalesce, and the concept of home is redefined with every brushstroke of childhood inspiration.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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