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Kilada Spiral villa in Peloponnese, Greece by Omniview Design

Project name:
Spiral Villa - 'Kilada Hills', Golf Resort (Spiral Villa is one of the residential buildings that will be constructed at 'Kilada Hills' Resort)
Architecture firm:
Omniview Design
Kilada of Argolida, Peloponnese, Greece
Tools used:
Rhinoceros 3D, V-ray, Lumion
Principal architect:
Dimitri Tsigos
Design team:
Ioanna Iliadi, Lina Kazolea
Built area:
1296 m²
Site area:
2249.87 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Omniview Design
Schematic Design
Residential, House, Villa

The Athens-based architecture studio Omniview led by Dimitri Tsigos has designed "Spiral villa" a contemporary single-family home to be built in Kilada of Argolida, Peloponnese Greece.  

Architect's statement: The main ambition behind the design of the Villa, was to create a home that combines a strong sense of centricity with flowing connections to its natural environment. To achieve this, the model of the ancient Greek home was studied carefully as a departure point. In fact, the massing and master planning of spiral Villa Is very close to the ancient Greek home.

black jeep car in front of the house image © Omniview Design

The ancient Greek geometry of the spiral has been used to organize and Reinvent this master plan as a sequence of activities. The flow of the spiral represents a spectrum from private to public and ends in the Centrepoint.

There, The Villa features an abstraction or the ancient Greek "Hestia", which in this case is materialized as a central exterior sitting under the shade of an olive tree. 

house surrounded with lavender plants image © Omniview Design

This way the goal of the ancient Greek house to offer privatized exterior space is realized, but at the same time strong relationships to the peripheral functions are created.

swimming pool with outdoor furniture image © Omniview Design

To further capitalize on the idea of fluid but also strong management of public and private, The spiral Villa office one more unique concept:

Exactly as in the ancient Greek house the top floor is a very private sector, which in our case is manifested as a cutting-edge mega suite the features its own private entrance.

This free-functioning entity can work either as part of the house or completely independently. The house can be separated in two activity zones, for example Adults and children, and the two sectors can be even accessed and operated individually.

green roof image © Omniview Design

roof with green vegetation image © Omniview Design

big swimming pool image © Omniview Design

outdoor furniture next to pool image © Omniview Design

olive tree image © Omniview Design

olive tree in the central courtyard of the home image © Omniview Design

pool furniture image © Omniview Design

swimming pool design image © Omniview Design

modern house surrounded with olive trees image © Omniview Design

wooden staircase image © Omniview Design

cozy living room with comfortable sofa image © Omniview Design

kitchen dining table image © Omniview Design

bedroom with terrace image © Omniview Design

Architecture diagram with black background Kilada inspiration 

architecture concept drawing Kilada inspiration 

isometric drawing Kilada inspiration 

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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