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Xinxiang Cultural Tourism Center, lighting by PROL

Project name:
Xinxiang Cultural Tourism Center
Architecture firm:
Zone of Utopia/Qiang ZOU + Mathieu Forest Architecte
Xinxiang, Henan, China
TOPIA Commercial Photography
Principal architect:
WU Di, WANG Zhang, Arnaud MAZZA, MA Jia, XUE Qijun
Design team:
Interior design:
WUZ Design
Built area:
28200 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Arup Group Limited
Environmental & MEP:
Hassell Shanghai
PROL, Li Hui , Fu Li,
Tools used:
Sunac China
Cultural › Tourist Center

The Fantasy adventure of Magic and The Frozen

Xinxiang, known as Muye in ancient times, is one of the important cities in the Central Plains, facing Zhengzhou across the river. Besides, the 11th Cultural Tourism City built by Sunac Cultural Tourism Group in China is located here.The huge-scale building sets like ice cubes on the water and consists of three large clusters of 9 small cubes.

All of the lights here are designed by PROL, who further extends the design concept of exploring the hidden value of light to work out the urban artistic landmarks in the Central Plains, namely the winter wonders.

The inspiration of the Frozen

With the extreme use of light and shadow, PROL actively thinks about the arrangement and combination of various lights, so that the designer breaks through the inherent form of isolated ice box during the day, and magically turns the "big ice block" at night into a romantic fairy tale, showing the diverse styles and infinite possibilities of architecture.

The lighting design is based on the intuitive feelings of the building and its relationship with the building, through the reconstruction of the two concepts of ice and snow, so as to achieve the effect of highlighting the shape of large ice cubes with the lighting.

The lighting is set to 3-5 times the overall brightness of the surroundings, gradually raising and converging from bottom to top. Combined with the interesting association of Frozen, PROL breaks through the traditional cold white color of ice and snow, allowing to radiate more colorful lights to convey the romance, exquisiteness and joy of the ice and snow world.

The alienation and closeness of urban architecture

The façade of the building adopts digital printing glass, which distributes color on white ice cubes during the day, making the building look cool and stylish. Among the huge cubes, the translucent ice crystal glass façade has a hidden visual effect that effectively filters light and interior structure.

At night, the light turns the daytime cold ice cubes into a fantasy wonder fairy tales. The visual atmosphere created by the light brings endless sense of surprise and desire to explore.

Taking into account the placement of the lighting fixtures and the maintenance path of the building's curtain wall, the designer tried his best to show all the details the lighting could provide, and finally used the form of internal lighting to highlight the frosted glaze on the digital printed glass. In addition, the designer restored the overall texture and transparency of each Ice Cube by using layer-by-layer lighting, showing the coordination and balance between appearance and formlessness, interior and exterior.

Given the effect of light transmission at night on the facade, the designer deconstructed various patterns of frost condensation and external visual focal points from different angles. Experienced designer has designed a large ice cube with uniform and smooth lighting effects that are balanced inside and outside after repeated experiments.

The designer cleverly applied specific lighting colors to match the theme of Frozen. Not only did he choose the blue and white tones that are inherent to the impression of ice and snow, but also captured the blue and purple tones reflected from the ice flowers.

Dreamy and sweet colors flow slowly on the cubes, reflecting each other, which to some extent highlights the theme of the founding of happy cultural tourism city.

During the lighting adjustment, are many children playing in the square, who are attracted by the lights and stop to ask curiously if this is Princess Aisha's castle. The designer suddenly discovered that the hidden value of light not only has intuitive visual beauty, but also brings people an initial sense of touch and joy that has no boundaries or ages.

Let go of the rational design language, the glorious big ice block in children's eyes is more like the ice castle raised from the ground by Princess Aisha's magical wave. It is also the pursuit and thinking of adults for nature, joy, and fairy tales?

The clouds are scattered, the beautiful landscape. The ice is melting, with the water is sparkling. The large ice block with great tension has become a new artistic landmark of the city, standing quietly on the north bank of the Yellow River, bringing the beauty of freezing in the extreme cold climate to the Central Plains. The PROL with the magic of light and shadow, inspires the vitality and dream of the big ice building style which is different from the daytime, and awakens the romance and touch of the fairy tale inside each one of us.

About PRO.L

As the first domestic company that proposes the idea of "exploring the hidden value of light", PRO.L is a leading organization in the new generation lighting design in China.

Co-founded by Li Hui and Fu Li in 2010, PRO LIGHTING offers professional and creative lighting design service. With the concept of "exploring the hidden value of light", it has won many international awards and become the leading agency in the new generation lighting design in China. In 2019, it was reputed by the media as "like a quiet, thoughtful, naturally purified experience, characterized with highly refined oriental aesthetics and magical commercial value".

PRO.L provides all-embracing international lighting design service, which covers the public and cultural facilities, offices, hotels, residences, complex, etc. Since its establishment, the company has built good relationships with hotel brands such as InterContinental, Ahn Luh, Hilton, Marriott, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Narada Hotels, Langham Hotel Group, Landison Hotels and Resorts, and Marriott International. It has also kept close cooperation with famous developers such as Poly Group, Sunac China, China Resources Land, Vanke Group, China Overseas Property Group and China Everbright Group. What’s more, PRO.L has participated in projects of many well-known domestic and foreign design companies, in which it has got a lot of attention and professional recognition.

PRO.L believes that light is a material of space. Project type should not be regarded as the service criterion, and project scale should not be the determining factor of cost. What PRO.L focuses is the solution to new problems in development and growth in design, as well as the exploration on the infinite and implicit value under lighting design.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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