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Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel in Tengchong, China by CSD.DESIGN

Project name:
Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel
Architecture firm:
Tengchong, Yunnan, China
Wang Ting
Principal architect:
Zhang Can
Design team:
Built area:
7500 m²
Site area:
Design year:
March 2020
Completion year:
March 2023
Interior design:
CSD.DESIGN Tang Ting, Zhou Xiaohui, Guo Yuting, Liu Wenjing, Deng Yu, Yang Yan, Tang Jun, Wang Liangfen, Mou Shasha
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tengchong Xinwen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
Ou Mo Lighting, Shangbao Lighting
Tools used:
Interior Construction Unit: Hangzhou Donggualiang Decoration
Yuebo Banshan Hotel Management Company
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CSD.DESIGN: The so-called “waste of time”. Turns out to be “the meaning of human life”.

Tengchong, Yunnan Province, is endowed with a colorful scenery.On a fine weather day, fly to Tengchong, and you will capture the Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel before landing.

01. The moon ascends to the half mountain, dying and the passage of time.

A hotel filled with aspirations for life.

After more than three years of work, the hotel, with a total investment of 170 million, was converted from 10 townhouses. Standing in a single arc on the cliff, the hotel faces east-west while leaning against Gaoligong Mountain with a panoramic view of Tengchong. This remains a gift from Duan Linhai, the hotel founder, to himself. The mane of Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel draws inspiration from ancient Chinese poems “The moon viewed at home is brighter” and “How can life be fully satisfactory? We could hope for half of our desires to be fulfilled”.  The curved terrace wraps around the square box. The value of “Acting in moderation and holding the bottom line” is integrated into the building. A crescent-shaped open-air heated swimming pool lies against the cliff, full yet not overflowing.

Minimizing the color.

Making architecture a better embracer.

Early in the morning, pass through the corridor and enjoy breakfast in the fresh and natural air of Gaoligong Mountain. In the afternoon, come back from your leisurely stroll and admire every corner with refreshing emotion. In the evening, the haze draws the sky red as the campfire light follows...The sun rises and the moon sets. Time becomes visible because of the color of light.

02. Sheer immersion and concentration, “Relaxation - Pleasure - Enjoyment - Ease"

Between nature and humanity

Exists a channel of connection

The hotel stands as a “design that captures visitor's attention", where the entrance serves as a prelude to immersion. The entrance under the mountain presents an inclination, making the stay more mysterious and arousing visitors’ expectations. A modern interpretation of the local volcanic rock. A dialogue between the roughness of nature and the delicacy of micro-cement paint.

Admire the beauty of the smallest of moments in the present.

Appreciate the waxing and waning of things brought about by the cycle of the years.

Wine, cigars, cuisines, fitness, swimming, chess, spa, book bar, BBQ, conference rooms, snooker, electronic golf... In the nearly-6000-square-meter hotel with diverse functions, indulge yourself in wine, poetry, scenery, and fun, all at your disposal. Amid the flow of time, new humanistic richness emerges.

03. Broad and profound, multi-faceted symbiosis. Inclusive - unique - comfortable - delicate

"Draw the curtains, and you will enjoy the extraordinary scenery of distant mountains in Tengchong in front of your eyes, taking in everything at a glance."

The fineness of the bedding and soft furnishings remain worthy of praise, “Each chandelier looks different. Rattan, handmade leather, cotton and linen, solid wood... All these delicate materials invite visitors for a touch, generating a sense of elegance and comfort.”

Desire not to be an ordinary hotel.

How to present different views? 

For Zhang Can, the Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel is a brand-new topic. “Yunnan is a treasure land with multi-ethnic, multi-ecological features. The hotel industry here is diverse and three-dimensional, with room for enormous possibilities.” The designer hopes to present skillful “acting”, using space as a play to interpret the diversity of Yunnan from his perspective. In the owner's eyes, “caring about friendship rather than competition and living in harmony with counterparts” is the inspiration given to him by the fertile land of Tengchong. Through its unparalleled landscape, coupled with hardware advantages, the Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel embraces all of its owner’s sentiments, hobbies, tastes, and interests, unveiling a wide realm of life.

By Liliana Alvarez

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