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AA101 Residence in Damascus, Syria by KAM Architects

Project name:
AA101 Residence
Architecture firm:
KAM Architects
Damascus, Syria
Walid Rashid
Principal architect:
Karim Abou-Mrad
Design team:
KAM Architects lead by Karim Abou-Mrad
KAM Architects, Boulos Engeneering, Robert Harb
Interior design:
KAM Architects
Built area:
520 m²
Site area:
1150 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Shaker Boulos
Structural engineer:
Boulos Contracting
Environmental & MEP:
Robert Harb
KAM Architects
Robert Harb
KAM Architects
KAM Architects
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Boulos Contracting
Travertino, Calcatta Marble, Bazalte, Double Glazed Glass with Aluminum frame, Carrara Marble, Botticino, Cremo Delicato, Bianco Ibiza, Pallisandr St.Lorent Striato, Juton Premium Painting
Residential › House. Renovation of an old Building that was completely demolished by the War in Syria. The idea of this project was to bring back life through architecture, thus the architect focused on a fresh tone accompanied with different shades of light colors.

Nestled in a residential neighborhood that beams of conviviality and serenity, the AA101 Residence, designed by KAM Architects is a 550-square-meters duplex renovation project.

KAM Architects is the new up-and-coming architecture firm taking on the most luxurious homes in the MENA region. The project "AA101 Residence" is a distinctive house that was renovated from scratch.

With a modern classic style as an aim for the refurbishment, the design approach is mindful of the initial construction of the building, yet explores a more prevalent outline. The refined travertine limestone contrasted with the raw concrete emphasizes on the modernization of the project, also underlined by the choice of nude and restful colors.

Glowing under sun rays, the dining room settles into the hues of beiges and golds, welcoming its functionality. The bold turquoise blue, contrasting with the lightness of the curtains, transports the design to a contemporary time.

A fusion of textures characterizes the living room: the marble dresses walls and flat surfaces while the suede greets guests for comfort and warmth. With notes of gold metal elevating the seating area, colorful waves ripple through the calm tint of beige, conveying energy and modernity.

Each bedroom is individualized following the intended tenants’ preferences while maintaining an overall style for the house. The Ground Floor covers a dining room, a living room, a kitchen, a master bedroom that includes an outdoor and a bathroom, a guest bathroom, as well as two entrances and an antechamber, and a garden space that engulfs the entire floor. The First Floor covers three master bedrooms: each includes its own bathroom.

By Liliana Alvarez

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