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Aadhi residence in Sivagangai: A sustainable house in the hottest zone of Tamil Nadu by RP Architects

Project name:
Aadhi Residence
Architecture firm:
RP Architects
Andoorani, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu, India
Aswin Yegappan SP, Ramya Prasad
Principal architect:
Ramya Prasad
Design team:
Ramya Prasad
Interior design:
RP Architects
Built area:
2182 ft²
Site area:
7000 ft²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
GnanaArul, Jothivilla constructions
Structural engineer:
Arun Kumar, AJ constructions
Environmental & MEP:
RP Architects
RP Architects
RP Architects
RP Architects
RP Architects
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop
GnanaArul, Jothivilla constructions
Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks (CSEB), Rammed Earth walls, Mud plaster, Oxide walls and flooring, Natural stone flooring, Reclaimed
54 Lakhs rupees
Thiruvettai Athithiyan S
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RP Architects: Aadhi residence is location in the very hot and dry climatic region of Tamil Nadu. The site is located next to an old house of the client’s parents. There are few farmlands and lots of trees – neem and tamarind trees, surrounding the site area.

The house is planned in such a way to cut of maximum hot air entering the house, reducing the heat gain into the building, yet have a good natural ventilation and defused light. This is achieved with Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB) jaali on the south façade which opens up into a double height semi-covered courtyard. This space works as on stack effect letting the hot air escape and letting the cool air from jaali wall to enter into the building. This is the first space we see when we enter the house. This is used as an informal dining area as well.

This courtyard seamlessly connects into the living area. These two spaces are designed in a unique curved space, acts a special feature of the house design. The living room is designed with a built-in oxide finished bench seating in a traditional way. The living connects to the garden sit-out verandah and windows over look into the rear side trees and garden. From here we can walk into the old parent’s house and cow shed as well. The kitchen is placed near the entrance with a breakfast counter connecting the courtyard and the kitchen space. It is connected to the side sitout area which leads to the kitchen garden and old house.

Gound floor has 2 bedrooms. First bedroom is design to hold 3 beds, one for parents and one single bed for the kid. Second bedroom – daughters bedroom design spatially with seating along the windows overlooking into the outdoor greenery. Both these room has separate attached bathrooms with separate wet and dry area. The staircase leads to the first floor and opens up into a balcony overlooking into the large canopies of trees and the side garden area. This balcony also can be used to overlook into the old house area and easy to have a chitchat between houses.

The front side of the first floor has a small library cum work space. This has a inbuilt reading corner with large windows with greenery view and a in built work table and a large book shelf. There are 2 bedrooms similar to the ground floor for the son and uncle in the first floor. Each with separate attached bathrooms. The entire house is placed in such a way, good cross ventilation and natural light is there, yet indoor spaces does not get heated up.

The low carbon emission construction techniques are used in the building like rammed earth walls, mud plasters, Compressed stabilized earth blocks (CSEB), Oxide flooring and walls, natural stone flooring like thandur and cuddapah, use of reclaimed old kalimaruthu wood for all doors and windows. With all these measures, the built space becomes a earthy, healthy and happier space for the user.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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