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Guadalajara House 403 in Tlajomulco, Mexico by Praxis Arquitectura

Project name:
Casa Guadalajara 403
Architecture firm:
Praxis Arquitectura
Tlajomulco, Jalisco, Mexico
Aldo C. Gracia, Aveh Studio
Principal architect:
Marcelino Rosas Garmendia
Design team:
Interior design:
Praxis Arquitectura
Built area:
1465 m²
Site area:
1000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Joel Hurtado
Structural engineer:
Joel Hurtado
Environmental & MEP:
Praxis Arquitectura
Tools used:
AutoCad, SketchUp
Praxis Arquitectura
Concrete, Glass, Steel, Stone, Wood
Residential › House

Praxis Arquitectura: We projected a family house in a terrain located in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Mexico, near the forest ''La Primavera''.

In the main entrance we designed a sculpture we called ''Brazos abiertos'' (open arms), to receive the guests. This monumental object twists and creates a natural turn within the space which redirects the main circulation of the house leading to a magnificent view of the golf court.

The composition of the house is distributed in three terraced levels that take advantage of the natural slope of the field, all through a system of structural platforms.

modern house aerial view from above image © Aveh Studio

The central hall, located in the ground floor, leads us to the dinning room naturally lighted by a central garden and a double height arrangement.

The main stairs form an iron elipse and gives us access to the children’s and guest room. The intention was to create a cozy transition, so we decided to use Tzalam wood to recreate a natural atmosphere.

The underground platform has a reacreational purpose, we designed an engineering room, a place thought out for technological developments and a sewing workshop as well. As we approach the garden , we built an industrial playroom for the children where they can study and socialize.

The back facade was designed with rigid frames that allow us to maximize gaps and open several views to the golf court.

A hybrid structure of steel and mirrors was developed to play with the reflection of the trees and natural surroundings, achieving a perfect blend with nature.

contemporary home with Mountain View image © Aveh Studio

garden of the house with illumination image © Aveh Studio

stone stair steps with lighting image © Aveh Studio

Guadalajara House 403 in Tlajomulco, Mexico by Praxis Arquitecturaimage © Aveh Studio

natural stone wall image © Aveh Studio

cozy living room with sofa image © Aveh Studio

dining area with garden view image © Aveh Studio

concrete walls image © Aveh Studio

luxury walk in closet design image © Aveh Studio

modern and luxury house in Mexicoimage © Aveh Studio

luxury leather chair image © Aveh Studio

curvy staircase with glass fence image © Aveh Studio

wooden curvy dining table image © Aveh Studio

pendant lamps over dining table image © Aldo C. Gracia

modern curvy staircase design image © Aldo C. Gracia

wooden deck terrace with garden view image © Aldo C. Gracia

luxury outdoor furniture image © Aldo C. Gracia

large bookshelf image © Aldo C. Gracia

living room interior design image © Aldo C. Gracia

contemporary family house in Jalisco image © Aldo C. Gracia

house with illumination at night image © Aldo C. Gracia

modern house with illumination at night image © Aldo C. Gracia

house surrounded by big treesimage © Aldo C. Gracia

main facade of the house image © Aldo C. Gracia

basement floor plan

ground floor plan drawing

first floor plan drawing

roof plan drawing

main elevation drawing

main exterior facade drawing

architectural section drawing

architecture section drawing


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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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